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Don't read this or you'll be cursed! HAHA! Well, know that you've read it, the curse has already taken place. Anyways, I know you're not going to believe this, but it all started when I read that dreaded newspaper article. It was titled: "10 DEAD, MURDER STILL AT LARGE"

It talked about how technology was fighting back! I used to be a skeptic, but... I was waking up in an abandoned lab, and then into an experiment chamber. Inside, I noticed some abandoned computers and hard drives with strange things on it. When I tried it out, I was forced to play some creepy games, visit some creepy websites, and open files, one of them named Supersuicide.avi. The computer screens were being accosted by horrible images of rape, murder, torture, necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality and other assorted paraphilias, followed by the computer blue screening, then restarting with those images as the desktop wallpaper, which I can't get rid of or obscure with other windows. In fact, clever bot kept saying "No escape". All of the pictures of people online had either hyper-realistic eyes, empty sockets or bleeding eyes.

Next was the games I owned...Apparently, the sellers and makers of the games were dying or going insane. However, some people say that the makers or sellers would come to houses killing the person playing, and leaving complete gibberish on screen. There were also stories of haunted cartridges, and all the symptoms of one appeared on my games. For example, my classic childhood games had super-violent content added. Other games had technically impossible stuff, such as games that delete themselves in such a way that you can't recover them, or games with "perfect" copy protection. There were even some older games having graphics/sound/visual effects beyond the system's technical limitations.

Random EXE files were appearing on my computer, and others were being sent to me by an "anonymous sender". There were some pokemon mods on my computer. Some were PMed to me personally, others I found on a skeezy looking site, and some I found on a random disc. I got them from downloading suspicious ROMs and Hacks because I desperately needed to play. I threw them away.

Anyways, I wanted to relive some childhood nostalgia, so I decided I would play Pokemon Red. I found old cartridges of Pokemon Red in garbage cans, desks, the ground, and had names either scribbled on with Sharpie or carved into the plastic itself. People sure didn't like that game, I guess. I don't steal or touch the garbage/ground, so I decided to buy the game from an old man. The old man who was selling the games was begging me to buy it, and for a low price too. I looked on ebay, a game store, and a yardsale to see the same old man asking me to buy it. Finally, I took it so I wouldn't be stalked. He had some story behind the game, but I didn't pay attention. The cartridge and label showed obvious signs of tampering. Later, I found out that the man mysteriously disappeared when I tried to check back in. When playing, there was hidden content in it that I never found before. At first, I thought of this as just some minor glitch. However, the game even knew my name (even though I never put it in anywhere, and the game has no ability for me to change my characters/save files name). The character I played as looked exactly like me. As my character got hurt/maimed in the game, I got hurt in real life. So dying in the game makes me die for real. The game always had Lavender Town playing on repeat or backwards. The volume became deafeningly loud, and I couldn't mute it or turn it down. I wasn't even able to turn the game off. The game began telling me to go away, turn back or something of that sort. Characters were also begging me (or appearing to beg me) not to go to certain places or do certain things, but I did it anyways cuz YOLO!

I looked into the mirror to see that the person there is not myself, but a supernatural entity. But suddenly, a bloody plush toy, popped out! Finally, the game shut off! I vow that I'll never play the game ever again. I tried destroying the game in disgust, but it magically reappeared. The game began messing with MY computer background and desktop icons. Finally, I was able to destroy the game in a sacred ritual, so I can't provide proof of the game's existence.

This isn't a creepypasta, it really happened! Now, I am actually the evil spirit that has been haunting your electronics, and I am coming to kill you. And now that I've cursed you... YOU'RE NEXT! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!

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