Uncle Grampa goes suicide

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One day i just got out of my bed, i did most things i do for breakfast. I got my coffee i ate my cereal and i got my clothes on. I turned on my tv hoping that uncle grandpa would be on, i wasn't lucky, only adventure time was on until i got a knock on my door. I said" who is it" nobody answered so i opened the door there was nothing but a disc to my surprise it was a uncle grandpa disc. I popped it into my dvr. It started at giant realistic flying tigers grave. uncle grandpa was cryng over it. Pizza steve and mr. gus put there arms over uncle grandpa,s shoulders and said it was ok but uncle grandpa did'nt think that. It skipped to the van inside the van everything was ripped up. In the corner of the van mr. gus and pizza steve were scared out of there wits then the flour boards started to creak it seamed if something bad was going to happen to mr. gus and pizza steve. Then uncle grandpa appeared his face and his hands were gray and his mouth had blood on it and for some reason he had one of his hand behind his back it seamed that something bad was going to happen. I closed my eys when i opened them uncle grandpa pulled out a axe luckly pizza steve found a way out mr. gus followed him. Then pizza steve locked the door but they had a plan. They went into pizza steves closet and put on ninga clothes then uncle grandpa banged open the door then he got out his axe. Mr. gus jumed out and kicked uncle grandpa in the face but he did,nt like that then the screan cut to black. I was scared out of my mind then it turned back on and it had text it said " Eys missing head off corps out ". At this point i turned off the tv and threw up then the tv turned on by its self. Pizza steve said what have you done uncle G. uncle grandpa reaplied grandpa went suicide and cut pizza steve in half with his axe. In the credits uncle granpa held up a sign saying your next.

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