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Hello. I'm here to share a strange experience I had, now you probably know the kids show...Uncle Grandpa, well My three little brothers love it. I don't really like it, but I watch it with them, it's sort of a social thing we do! well it all started October third. I was driving my brothers around the country. when he drove by...a man, there was a fire that he was standing in front of. yelling "YES...NEVER RETURN. I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!" he was yelling strange things like that, I then stopped the car. my brothers where telling me not to, But I didn't listen.

I walked up to the man, and asked what he was doing. he replied something like..."None of your bisneuss...leave now, I'm trying to protect you!" I then thought he wasn't very sane, "Can I see whats in the fire?" I asked, he then reached down to a bucket and poured it on the fire. there was an intact disc. I wondered how that was even possible, I just shrugged it off, now I see that wasn't very smart. "Umm...may I have it?" I asked, he then smiled mischievously. "Yes...take it!"

he then picked it up, and gave it to me. it wasn't hot at all, I then gave him a warm smile and said "thanks" then he replied like "don't mention it, now leave!" I then walked to the car and my bro's asked me what happened"I got this disc...let's go home and watch it!" we then arrived at my home I popped the disc in the player, and it started. it played the title sequence like normal. "hey guy's its Uncle Grandpa, your favorite!" they then smiled. the youngest got up and jumped up and down clapping yelling "Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve!"

the Episode was labeled, "Gus's limit" we all thought it was about Gus just going insane. we where so wrong, it started as Uncle Grandpa saying his usual "Good Morning!" routine. When he got up, there was a face looking in the window the oldest on my brothers, covered his eyes. then he said good morning to every one, just passing by Mister Gus. Gus made an upset face. once Uncle G said good morning to everyone in the RV "sayyy, I feel like I'm forgetting someone!" Uncle Grandpa said to him self. then Mister Gus...kicked the door down.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" he yelled. one of my brothers said "I'm not comfortable watching this!" he was six. so of coarse he'd get upset by this. I then told him to leave...I wish I did the same, in the window there was that face looking in. "YOU NEVER SAID GOOD MORNING TO ME!" Gus was in tears. Pizza Steve walked in and said "Gus...it's no big deal, so are you done with you're baby tantrum?" Gus's eyes went red, "THAT'S IT...I'M DONE BEING THE GUY WHO NO ONE LIKE'S OF APPRECIATES!" He then walked up to Pizza Steve. and picked him up. Uncle Grandpa ran away yelling"It's happening!"

by this point we where all freaked out. he then opened his mouth, and bit Pizza Steve. there was blood, a little less real then CGI. there was muscle and nerve ripping as Gus bit the Pizza. by this point, my two other brothers left. I was alone, and to scared to turn the light on, Gus then finished eating Pizza Steve, and went over to Tigers room. he kicked the door down, and grabbed Tiger, she tried to escape. but he ripped her limb from limb, I couldn't take it. I vomited all over the floor.

I then saw a picture flash on the screen. It was so quick, all I saw was a picture of a guy with a shotgun. Gus then grabbed Tigers arm and walked out of her room. and saw Uncle Grandpa hiding under a table" no Gus...I'm sorry!" He said shaking "Too late for apologies!"Gus replied "But, Gus...where's that forgive full dinosaur we know!" Belly bag asked "He's gone!" Gus then grabbed the leg, and cut down UG'S face. blood splattered everywhere, Uncle Grandpa screamed.

as the claw ripped his face up. Belly Bag then jumped off, and ran. Gus then grabbed him and stuffed him down Uncle Grandpas throat. Uncle G tried to stop Gus's hand, but he cut Uncle grandpas arm off. once Uncle Grandpa suffocated, Gus held Belly Bag "What are you doing?" Belly Bag asked then the screen flashed again, this time I rewound and paused on it. this one was that same guy from earlier, but shooting a little girl with a shotgun. I un paused it, and continued...not sure how much more I could take. Gus then walked over to a paper shredder, and stuffed Belly Bag in! Blood and ripped up organs sprayed everywhere.

Gus just laughed as Belly Bad died, the most horrific death in the entire episode that face looked in the window again, I couldn't take it. I turned the episode off, snapped the disk in two threw it out and did some reasurch online...

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