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Editor's Note: This is not meant to scare you at all. I actually sometimes think this sounds like bullshit.

It goes by one name. Some people think of it as a miracle worker. Others say it's a madman. Some say it is a harbringer of death. Others think of it as a harbringer of life. Some people think that it God sent down to Earth. Some say it is the Devil. In reality, these beings you call God and Satan are actually... its grandfathers. It is known as The Unknown One.

The Unknown one has no gender. Its clothing is all black. It wears a black pantomine mask around its head. It is a skilled fighter and expert of disguise.

Now, you're probably wondering, how is this possible, why is there no records of it, whose side is it on, Is it our salvation or our doom? I'll give you the answers.

The Unknown One has no records of it in history. It killed those who tried to write it down. Some of the deaths were peaceful, like a heart attack. Others were not lucky at all. Some were mutilated in ungodly ways. Some were never seen again. Some committed suicide when it appeared. Apparently, it did not want anyone to know the truth. It thought that his story would be horrifying to anyone, or joked at. It also did not want anyone to know of its origin, thinking that people would find it blasphemous or not taken seriously.

Now, what did I mean by its origin and its grandfathers were God and Satan? Here's it's origin story:

It is said that both Christ and the Antichrist can transform themselves into different ages, genders, nationalities, etc. Some say Christ's true form was a teenage boy around 18 and others say the Antichrist true self was a teenage girl. If you can guess what happened, you don't need to read the next paragraph. If you can't guess, just read this: You see, at an unknown year during the 20th century, Christ, in his true self, captured the Antichrist in her true form. To prevent her from causing the End of Days, he kept watch of her 24/7. Eventually, he got bored of just keeping her. So, he started talking to her. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and He and Her started to get along. He decided just wandering the Earth wasn't a good idea. So they both stayed in a house whose family left for vacation. They did everything things in that house. One day, while walking down the hallway, He saw Her naked in the bathroom. This was the first time He was ever aroused. When She saw him

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