Unloved Booties

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My butt remains untouched

All of our butts remains untouched

We shall remain, forever, bootyless

Our booties will never be touched, in our entire lives.

Our booties will have wrinkles/cracks in it before we hit 30

Then, when we hit 60

Our booties will wither away.

And all we will have left are sacks of sagging skin


Then we have to have our mothers, prosper our babbys

Because we have no booty

Even after our mothers die, our babbys will become adults

and they will still feed on our dead mothers' dusty milk

They will feed on it. But their booties will be loved.

Their butts will not be like their fathers' booty.

Their butts, will not be the virgin butt.

And they will do squats.

Their thighs will grow

They will do anything, and I mean anything, with their booties.

Even sell it on the street, for crack cocaine

Then they will go to rehab.

Then do the drug again.

Then they will die at the age of 69, but they will still have booties

Their booties will be resurrected; and run a marathon.



Then the booties will have children of their own.

Then the booty children, will have booties

they will shit out booties.

Booties with booties shitting booties

then the whole world becomes overpopulated with hte booties.

then the ugly barnacle comes out. And everyone dies.

Then everyone's skeleton pops out.

The end

Created in the PM by Fatal Disease and NeveRsLeePwitHme

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