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Custom information
Custom 1Autistic teen with a phone and edgy humor.
Custom 2I make what I call “A” and “B” grade material. A grades is where I take a bunch of time to make something as good possible over many rewrites. B grades take much less time in between A grade to make something good but lesser quality so fans of my pastas have something to be distracted with quicker.
Personal information
About mePastas I wrote (in chronological order): It’s existence haunts me to this day, it’s painfully unfunny, and took under 20 minutes to make, don’t read it. Can’t believe I thought trollpastas that were just cliches with horrendous grammar and were funny. It’s so bad that I “quit” on Nov. 2022 (the month it was made) until coming back in Feb. 2023. Where shit starts getting good, the best one. Was completely written in Super Bowl LVII with breaks only during the commercials and halftime show. I literally asked ChatGPT to generate a hilariously awful creepypasta and this is what it made, not joking.!