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Custom information
Custom 1I'd be nice if there was a way to make a list of stories that are either funny bad or could have been good.
Custom 2Funny stories:
  • Metallica.exe
  • Create a Trollpasta with one Word per edit.
  • Jeff Joined
  • Squidward's Overdose
  • (Blank) the Killer Mad Lib
  • It was me, Barry
Custom 3Stories I like:
  • The Tale of Track 11
  • 11/03/1994 + 11/04/1994
  • Television
  • ORGANIC.exe
  • Yet Another Haunted Game
Custom 4Stories that are so bad that they're funny:
  • Die Together
  • Strangulation Doll
  • Don't go to seep 1
  • Madagascar Alternate Ending
  • Creepybob.wmv
  • Drake and Josh lost episode: Megan's Suicide
Other information
MoviesAlmost never watch movies.
TVBreaking Bad, Better Call Saul.
BooksI should probably
Video gamesGod of War, Minecraft, Resident Evil!
MagazinesNever read a magazine in my life.
DrinksPepsi and Orange Crush mixed is good. Coffee, water, Bubly.
Personal information
About meMight post a story at random if I want to.

I like editing stories that are edited terribly.

Writer of:

  • To Catch a Predator Banned Episode
  • Kitboga Forgotten Livestream
  • Stranded on an island
  • Jeff enters Hell's Kitchen