Vajas Curse

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VAJAS entering my room.

So it all started with me browsing the Youtubes, when suddenly i came across this video named "VAJAS - Sparrow of the Wind". I watched the video and thought to myself This is really funny! I had to go to sleep, and the next day i decided to watch it again. This time it was named "VAJAS - Sparrow of the VAJAS". The video hadn't changed though. I shared it to my friends and it was normal for them. I then reloaded the page, and the name had changed to "VAJAS - Sparrow of VAJAS VAJAS" I freaked out a little, and forgot about the video. Next day out of curiosity i decided to check it again. Now it was named "VAJAS - Sparrow VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS" and the video was deeper than before. I reloaded the page, and my screen went black for 10 seconds or so. Now the video was named "VAJAS - VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS". The video started playing, and i couldn't pause it. I tried to exit chrome but i couldn't. Now all the words was VAJAS. The Subscribe button, the comments, other videos and even Skype! Now the video went into fullscreen, and on each playthrough of the song, it became slower, deeper. I tried to shutdown the computer but it wouldn't let me. I called my dad and asked what was wrong, and he screamed "VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS!" I hanged up and screamed as all the words around me had changed to VAJAS. The text in my notebook, my phone, even my boring essay. I tried to call my friend Alexander over Skype (Which also was named VAJAS) When the call got through he also started screaming "VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS VAJAS" Much deeper and slower. I tried to speak to him aswell, but i could only say VAJAS. I tried as much as i could but i couldn't say anything but VAJAS. I tried running, but VAJAS slowly appeared at my door. He flew slowly towards me singing Sparrow of the Wind, with demonic eyes and voice. He then ate me, and everything became black for a minute or two. Everything then went back to normal and i haven't had VAJAS Curse ever since.

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