Victorious: Don't Let Go!

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Victorious: Don't Let Go! is a lost episode of Victorious. It was burned on a disc and delivered to an unknown person. It appeared to be more dark-themed than any other Victorious episode. The guy who watched it wrote a description of it on a large piece of white paper. Here is the description.

The episode starts with the original intro. After the intro ends, it shows Tori walking into the the school. Jade starts speaking to her, but in a very quiet voice. The episode fades to static, and cuts to a new scene. It shows Jade riding a bicycle with Tori on the back seat. I could see a shovel in a basket attached to a bicycle. The shovel looked very familiar. It had to be from some other Victorious episode. The episode faded to static again. I could see some footage of Tori lying on the side of a cliff. She sits up, and accidentally falls off the cliff. Jade runs over and grabs her hand. Jade starts shouting, "DON'T LET GO!" The episode immediately ended after that. I didn't know what was going on in the episode. I uploaded the episode onto my computer. There was a new scene on the episode, when I watched it on my computer. The scene was showing Jade digging up something. I could see Tori sitting in a chair next to her. Jade reaches into the hole, and accidentally falls in. Tori screams. She runs over to the hole and reaches into it. Tori starts repeatedly screaming, "DON'T LET GO!" I heard Jade screaming in the hole. I quickly got my mother to make it HD. I didn't watch it in HD, but she did. When she finished watching it, she ran out of her room with a frightened look on her face. She kept screaming, "DON'T LET GO!" I never saw her again after that.

The guy who wrote this description went missing three days later. The HD version was found but there was only static and weird colors on it. The HD version got burned on another disc and got lost. The disc is missing and people are doing an investigation on the regular version. The investigators are unknown, but they believe the HD version can only be seen in a place with very bright light.

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