Wanda the Fish and His Quest For The Meaning Of Life

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I am a fish, but it's not so bad. My name is Wanda, by the way. I'd say I have a pretty normal life for a fish. I have friends, family, anything a fish could ever want. I usually spend my days just relaxing and swimming around, eating fish eggs or worms or whatever comes around. Sometimes some bread will appear at the surface of the water, but it's usually eaten before I can have any. I live in a large lake, and I am about as large as any fish that comes around. It's rather nice and relaxing, really.

My story starts with an urban myth. As children, we were told stories about fish who are lured away by worms or insects that are just floating in the middle of the water, attached to a small hook that the hungry fish usually don't notice until it's too late. The story usually ends with the fish going missing, or it's bones being found at the bottom of the lake somewhere.

Well, when minding my own business one day, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Something very bright and shiny and yellow. When I quickly turned to look at it, nothing was there. Curious, I swam about looking for this mysterious object. Before long I was lost. I had ended up in an area of the lake that I had never been to before. After looking around for a bit, I finally saw it! In the distance there was a yellow shiny orb floating, just waiting for me to investigate!   Once I had swam over to the orb my eyes widened with awe. There was a small scrabble written right on the top. It read:

"Go to the creek far beyond where fish dwell,

Once there, you must search for a pearl white shell,

And there will you find the very next clue,

A treacherous path, so good luck to you."


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