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Author's note: This is true story of happened when I played on my laptop.

I was surfing web and I saw a game for download. It was called "THE TRUE SSBB BETA." I download, you see. I then play the game. It opens and I see character select screen. Only it has many new characters like Brognar the elf and Czismo, who requires no explanation. Obviously I picked Fox. I set CPU on random because YOLO and then I pick Battlefield. I was fighting Cherry Jim and also Samus. So wat do you know, I beat them both and it say A CHALLENGER APPROACHING. So I was very very exciting but then challenger was only Toon Link. I lose to him and have another fight to unlock. But then I won again. And then the challenger was R.O.B.!!!!!!! I lose also to him. I'm no n00b but enemonemies seemed more difficult. Then screen got dimmer and say "YOU ARE VERY BAD BOI, BILLY WATKINS." I ask it "How are you knowing my name?" A new message appears. It say, "I WILL NOW SCARE YOU WITH A VERY SCARY OBJECT." So I turn off laptop ans close. BUT THERE WAS WEEVIL ON TOP! DO NOT DOWNLOAD GAME "THE TRUE SSBB BETA." OR SAME WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!

Keep in mind that this is my first trollpasta and it might be crap- OH GOD THERE IT IS AGAIN.

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