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Hello I'm a random homeless guy and I live in the back alley of Nickelodeon studios.

One day when I was looking for food I saw a Nickelodeon employee dropping something in the big ass bin which was my house btw and he grabbed a big ass shotgun and then BANG he shoot himself and blood was everywhere when I was checking if he had anything on him that I can steal i found a yellow note and it says "yo you know that homeless cunt that living the back alley of our studio that keep eating our lunch won't it be funny if I put this spooky vhs tape that we found while doing demon magic in his house as a epic prank and shoot my self with big gun lol" I went towards my house and saw the vhs tape it said "welp" I snuck into Nickelodeon storage room with my epic climbing skills and put in the vhs in vhs player and tv both i stole from ikea and it played.

It was a episode of SpongeBob the intro played normally but when spongebab was jumping on his name he fell and broke into 100 pieces of sponge and blood on the letter B and Elmo come on the screen and said "B is for blood kids" and disappeared and then it zoomed into SpongeBob and it stayed like that for 50 seconds (also I found a stopwatch in the storage room) and the title said "welp" and opened credits just said nobody made this.

The episode started with SpongeBob cooking burgers and singing the fnaf song by tombstone but when it got to the part where foxy steals some dumbass money, Patrick come in said "hey SpongeBob guess who got their driver license that right me""Again it got taken away from you because you were a dick"said SpongeBobby (yeah remember that episode patrick was kind of a dick right?) Patrick says "but I learn my lesson btw I heard mrs puff is going to start a exam tomorrow and if you fuck this one up you going to get kicked out and also you going to be there all day so I decided to take your job" and mr Krab come in said "and I'm also going take $2 way from you for taking a day off me boy okay bye" and when SpongeBob was leaving his job he found squadward putting a picture of Patrick on the employee of the month wall and saying "no SpongeBob tomorrow fuck that bitch” I just realised that spongeebop and friends are swearing I can’t believe it this supposed to a happy kids show it can’t have swearing anyway SpongeBob was sad and went home crying and saying "that dick head Patrick is going to take everything from my job and my car,Gary" and SpongeBob got a idea while eating cereal at 8pm and said "he taking $2 away from me that means mr krabs owns me money I guess I do something tomorrow I will get a car and my $2"and he got out of his house went to the boating school,the school look like the one from that where Patrick comes SpongeBob were classmates the one 24 joke (idk I haven’t watched spoonbob in years)it almost looks like a real school he broke throw the wall and ended up in empty classroom which was next to mrs puff class he slept in the empty classroom and the next day in SpongeBob woke up and went towards to mrs puff class the class was filled with characters some weren’t even from SpongeBob like pit from kid Icarus and mrs puff said "okay class what is one thing you should not do while driving" in perfect timing SpongeyBobby kicked the door down and shouted "I KNOW I KNOW I WILL SHOW YOU" "oh great what are you doing to this time Sponge-" said miss puff but before she can finish of her sentence SpongeBob grabbed a ak-47 miss puff said "SPONGE BOB NOOOOOO" and then he grabbed and another ak-47 shot everyone while laughing it lasted for 5 minutes and played the song “Twelfth Street Rag” “i never learn how to read”cried pit before SpongeBob shoot him and then SpongeBob stole miss puff car key and broke though the window and The janitor come through and then said “What the fuck” and Spingling went to Mrs puff car,her car looked like a real life car spongiebob got in the car and went full speed and said "I'm going to kill mr krabs" while SpongeBab going to the krusty krab he did terrorist attacks he destroyed houses and he run over sandals and other fish and the news come and the realistic fish says “Breaking news local citizen SpongeBob SquarePants a former employee of the Krunty Krab has been going on a rampage killing 69 people nice and destroying houses all not dead citizens will be evacuated from the area oh no he here now at the Studio AAAAA” and then spongbob killed him meanwhile in Krusty krab Squidward was putting stuff away in a bin it looks like my house and Patrick was fucking up people orders and mr krabs was taking a shit and reading the news paper that says SpongeBob is a terrorist mr krab got mad and said "SpongeBob me boy you better cum here right now" in perfect timing spinbob crashes into the krusty Karp killing mr krab and Patrick and SpongeBob walking out the krusty krab on fire and the victory song from persona 5 playing and the police come the police officer was realistic Sponge with a police hat and two guns that was pointing squadward who was burying mr krab and Rick

The police officer who was realistic sponge with two guns and a police hat said"did you do this" "no" said squadword and SponBob walked up and said "I did" the police officer that so pissed that he accidentally threw squidward to a bottomless pit”AAAAAAAAA”said squidward and he armed his two gun at SpongeBob eyes and then SpongeBoob did a backflip and then he drooped kicked him in to a bottomless pit and Gary walked up and said "oh god you have blood' and SpongeBop bein walking home but the ghosts of Rick and mr crab appeared infront of him and mr krab ghost said "sponge me boy why did you kill meeee" "because you owned me money and I wanted it " said SpongeBob and the ghost of pat said "why did you kill me then" "because fuck you" said SpongeBob and he spins kicking and both fall to the bottomless pit

And then a floating police hat with a gun said "time to die" and SpongeBob said "I can't die I'm the main character" and he then slapped it to the bottomless pit and then the ghost of the car that spingbab crashed appeared and said "why did you kill me" "I also killed your father I put tnt in his ass and he blow up in goofy golfers " said SpongeBob "YOU DID WHAT" said the car and then SpongeBob jumped on him and he blow up and then the ghost of the whole krusty crab appeared and said "SpongeBob I thought you loved me why did you crash into me?" And SpongeBob said "Funny" "oh okay" said the krusty krab and leaves and whole Bikini Bottom said "stop" and SpongeBob laughed and said "IM AM GOD" and get big and crushes everyone and looked at the camera said "eat cereal or this will be you" and he shows his hyper realistic shoe with blood and the episode ends as the credits rolls plays but it wasn't with the normal credits music it loud ass rock music with swear words and the tv blow up and the janitor come in to the room and begin to smack me in head with broom and throw me out the window and later that day I turned into the welp vhs tape and some cunt found me and then aired the episode and all the kids that watched it come CEREAL EATERS

The message of the story:EAT YOUR CEREAL KIDSSSS

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