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"Weregrinches are imaginary creatures that only imagined in the minds of the mentally retarded, mostly those with Asperger's Syndrome. There is only one in existence today, and some have argued over its existence by their opinions or by banning it from website that this creature has traveled. The origin of the weregrinch is Transylvania, Romania, where many other supernatural creatures have come to existence. The Romanians have solely tried to hunt the weregrinch for its eggs and its meat and fur, but an unknown identity from Metokur.org has identified it, and had it transported to Auckland, New Zealand (Australia); there are rumors that the beast presides in Wairau Valley, though this has not yet been confirmed.

There have been rumors that Jim Carrey bit the Romanian under this curse and turned them into a weregrinch. The weregrinch is a foul creature, trolling through night and day on the Internet, which is its favorite hobby. The weregrinch's natural enemies are people, administrators, Metokur.org members, Slapstick Anarchy, Encyclopedia Dramatica, or anyone that says that the weregrinch does not exist. There have been sightings of the weregrinch, and the person infected with this virus presides in a type of home and transported by wheelchair van. There have been attempts to terminate the life of the person with the weregrinch curse by taking it in a wheelchair in mid-air over a volcano. The one questioned had mentioned that upon attempting to do so, they had seen Satan and several demons holding what looked like a chubby werewolf costume open for this person to fall into.

The weregrinch is questioned to be a female, though there have been false claims that it is a male. It can be heard at least 500 miles away, with a distinct voice that has a "hurr" sound to it. This has been rumored to be its 'mating call'. If seen up close, the weregrinch has an overactive saliva gland, making it look to have the appearance of a dog. The level of intelligence the weregrinch has has been observed and recorded to be about the level of a preschool age, with a sub-intelligent adversity for art and drawing or creation. It sheds its fur all year round, and its fur is that of a distinctive shag/cyan color."

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