What A Day

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The leaves were beautiful that day.

As I gazed longingly out my bedroom window, I saw a light veil of snow covering everything outside.

It was sunny, but not too much, which was unusual for autumn.

I sighed. There, from the view on the second floor of the house, I saw the postman drive by and drop off some mail for my neighbors.

It was positively perfect, so serene and peaceful. I loved days like those the most.

I opened my sketchbook and took another look through the glass barrier. I wasn't a serious artist or anything like that- no, but I did love drawing things here and there.

I was taking a walk by myself through the park. Breathing the crisp, fall air and just absorbing in the atmosphere.

I smiled while I reminisced, and picked up a simple, mechanical pencil.

There seemed to be... oh, how do I even begin to describe it? There was a certain electricity surrounding everything. I felt... I felt as though nothing could go wrong that day.

I marked a small, dark-grey line on the drawing paper.

I met a gal... her name was Monica.

I stalled my art for a moment, remembering her.

What an interesting woman she was.

My green eyes wandered over the simple line that I had made on the blank canvas.

She'd asked me the directions to the nearest bookstore, and told me she was new in town.

Picking up my pencil and bringing it down again, I made curved line attached to the prior.

I mentioned that I didn't know where one was as either, but that I'd be glad to help her search.

A soft smile grew on my features.

She said to fuck off and then she stabbed me.

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