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Milo was always a selfish, cruel and somewhat sadistic man - though he was by no means a criminal: in fact he had managed to gain a lot of wealth and power over the course of his life by focusing purely on himself and treating other human beings as trash.

Milo was never a spiritual man so when people told him stories about Hell or the Afterlife he mocked them just that little bit more than he would anybody else - to Milo death was simply an eternal darkness, nothing more and nothing less.

Yet one night Milo would experience a dream that changed his life forever, some would say it broke his mind whilst others would say it awoke him to a terrible reality - no matter the case following this disturbing dream Milo's personality rapidly changed and he gave up his wealth and power, dedicating himself to trying to help his fellow man.

When asked what he had seen to bring about such a drastic change Milo was at first reluctant to explain, yet after a while he sat down and told his story - revealing a frightening glimpse into a vivid nightmare that Milo at least believes was a warning of what waits "beyond" for those who do evil in this earthly domain:

The dream began, Milo claims, with him standing alone in a dark hallway dressed in his smart business suit and carrying a briefcase filled with important paperwork - the only source of light came from a red light situated at the end of the hallway, leading to a door that Milo said filled him with unimaginable dread.

As Milo stood in the dark hallway he felt his whole body trembling and dropped his briefcase to the ground as he removed his clothing, breaking out in a cold sweat - a burning sensation spreading across his skin as his hands and feet became afflicted with painful "pins and needles".

Milo could hear the sound of a dog barking from down the hallway and he looked over towards the red light, the door slowly beginning to open and his feeing of dread becoming sheer terror - his heart raced as he awoke with a start.

It was at this point Milo claims the nightmare took a truly horrifying twist as his body remained paralyzed, the terrified man unable to even scream as he struggled with the unimaginable terror - eventually the paralysis faded and Milo let out a cry of fear as his nightmare finally ended.

Credited to BloodPony

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