What Would You Do?

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You're shivering in the corner of a dark basement. The bodies of your family are lying around you, the knife that ended them still clutched tightly in your grasp.

You find a small rock and a candle, and pick them up. You scratch a circle into the ground, pile the bodies into the circle, and place the candle in the middle. You then cover the bodies with a can of gasoline you found. When you finish, you light the candle.

The bodies light up instantly, burning away. You sit there watching the inferno, which never leaves the circle. When the flames die down completely, all that remains are ashes.

All of a sudden, the ashes begin to shift in the center of the circle. A small, silver package has appeared from the burnt mess. You pick it up, and discover a note attached to the package.

"I hope you are proud of what you have done."

You discard the note and head back upstairs to your room. You lock the door behind you, and sit on your bed. You finally rip the package open quickly to reveal a single Klondike Bar.

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