When Fluttershy Converted Jeff

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"One day when Fluttershy got done converting Discord into a good villian instead of being bad"

"She saw Jeff killing stuff, one of her animals"

"Fluttershy said 'STOP THIS INSTANT!' then Jeff ran away"

"Fluttershy did cried for hours after the death of her animal"

"Next morning, Fluttershy wakes up"

"She finds Jeff lying down in the pool of the animal that Jeff killed last night"


"Jeff said, in a stealthy tone, 'It's in the nature of my blood'"

"Fluttershy just stared at him in anger, wanting to yell at him more"

"But she had a great idea"

"'What if I convert this poor, defensless psycho path...' she said in her thoughts '... into a loving tender creature!'"

"Then she said 'COME WITH ME!' in a great distinctive tone'

"Jeff said 'where are we going?'"

"Fluttershy said 'My home, where I'll be teaching you the nature of good!'"

"Then Jeff said 'good!?' in his minds, then he started to break free from Fluttershy's grasp"

"Fluttershy took him to his home, and gave him the best treatment that everypony has ever got in the Fluttershy household"

"Then Jeff left her tree home and said 'why did you give me great hospitality, even though I killed one of your animals?'"

"Fluttershy then said 'Because that's what friends are for'"

"Jeff, who had never had a friend before, gave out a little tear"

"Then he gave out this really, really, medium sized kitty smile"

"His eyes became small, and he felt a great moment of happiness"

"Fluttershy was excited that she converted Jeff into a good guy, like she did when she converted Discord into good"

"Fluttershy gave out a big 'yay' in her glory of achivement"

"Then Jeff left, and gave Fluttershy a hug"

"Two days later, Jeff reconstructed himself into his normal self and started killing people and stuff again"

The End

Created by the Creepypasta chat

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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