White Knight

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Once upon a time there was this tartlet named Rebecca. She tried to put up her "NO U" shield to prevent EDiots from invading this so-called "weregrinch" and his basement dwelling. One night, Rebecca was busy away on her BAN EVADED account, that she didn't even notice anything in her surroundings. She was too busy talking with her green furcuckoty boyfriend Nathan.

Suddenly, she turned around, and there stood a shadow. "What did I tell you?!" It bellowed. Rebecca got up and almost fell backwards as her chair caught the desk behind her. She was BAAAAWWWWWWing so much that she was was afraid she would be eaten or some shit. The shadow came out from the darkness and showed its face....it was the Metokur chimera, and it was here to curse her for her bad attitude. "What, what do you want from  me???" She shrieked.

"I want you to stay out of the way! Nevar Forget!!!" And with that, the Metokur chimera waved his arm this way and that, and turned Rebecca into a roll of masking tape that could be used to make other cucks STFU or as bondage for TITS or to keeop others from GTFO. The chimera saw where Nathan was located at and took off to fly there, with Rebecca's new form in the palm of his hand, he was ready to use her to get back at the weregrinch and hunt him down like the manchild he is.


The Metokur chimera is (c)EyesGlowYellow. Do not steal my idea, it is my copyright. If you should choose to do so, I can always contact the admins and have this taken care of since I have already noted any takings of my ORIGINAL idea. And yes, this is original, as no one has come up with this FIRST. Thanks

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