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They said I was too old. I spent so many years with Disney and they abandoned me. I had nowhere else to go, so they took me in. A media company. I was kept in a cell for years, I got thin, my hair fell out and it wouldn't grow back. It wasn't until last year that they took me out of my cell. They put me in a metal machine and they shocked me with electricity. They put in in my head, arms, legs and stomach. It hurt really bad. I didn't know it at the time, but the electricity was actually comments about me. They hurt like a terrible metaphor. They did this to me everyday, it made me feel sad. I wanted to escape but couldn't because they kept putting me back in the cell. When I was in my cell, they put words and instructions into my food and I had to do them. It made me feel embarrassed. A few months ago, the media people showed me what they had been working on. It was a clone of me. She is not a very nice person. She dances funny and can't sing like me. The media company call her project Miley. I want Miley to stop but I can't. Please, if Disney is reading this; stop Miley, come save me. They will make her get worse and worse until you do.

Written by CinnamonPasta‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

For those who don't get it: this is a joke story about Disney cloning Hannah Montana

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