Why Spongebob Is a Satanic TV Show

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Wanna hear some freaky wierd shit? The show Spongebob is by Steven Hellingburg. Woah, take a step back. HELLingburg. Isn't hell a really bad place? Oh, yeah, that's right it is. I'll forever call him Steven Hell. But this is the least bit scary part. Wate till you here this! Have you heard something that some scientist ironiclly said? He said The only thing worst than a nuisance is one with no idea of his true colors." There you go. Spongebob is the worst thing in the world. He is a nuisanciall troll who annoys the living hell out of Squidward and Ms. Puf. The same sientist also said "Hell's daemons are nuisances". Spongebob is a nuisance which means that he comes from hell. My guess is the devil turned him into one that does bad whilst trying to be good, so others feel bad for him and make him forever reign supreme. And just think about it. Patrick is a lazy-ass and Squidward is a tight-ass. Sandy is a bragging show-off. Aren't these all sins? Oh, and have you heard myths that the devil is tiny? Well, that explains Plankton. And Gary is pretty much the only normal non-hellish person in Spongebob.

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