Wy's Apocalypse Survival Tips

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Hello, my name is Wy Wynaut. You can refer to me as Wy, Wynaut, Mr. Wynaut or Ms. Wynaut.

In case you've been blind to the signs, the world will come to an end. The chances of you experiencing an apocalypse in your life are currently about 43.5% and if you can read through this page and memorize it, you will either survive or go the rest of your life, unable to regain the memory you have wasted.

You are not allowed to take notes of any sort, as Wy does not repeat itself. The guide will begin immediately after this paragraph.

First thing is first: do not start a group. There will always be the one or several traitors in your group that will harm your survival.

Search your area to see if a Shinigami possibly left their death note behind. If you find one, you are to pick it up, locate the god of death, ask for "the eyes" so that you can identify any alien, zombie or Satanist that you assume to be a threat to your safety/survival and write their names in the death note (NOTE: This will not have any affect on zombies unless you write a cause of death that will involve destroying the brain).

Leave civilization—zombies cannot be around you if there were no people to begin with, no?

Give up. But I can tell that you will refuse to give up, because you are childish and hate to lose. How do I know that, you may ask? Because I am also childish and hate to lose. So read ahead.

Live on a boat—zombies cannot swim.

Hide underground—your average alien will not in any way be able to track you.

Murder everything that moves.

Try to solve the mystery as to what is under Double D's hat.

And last but not least, do not follow any of these instructions, because Wy does not know what it is speaking of and will likely have you killed.

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