Yet Another Horrible Pasta

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One day, I was eating a poptart, then Nyan cat smashed through my hyper realistic door.

I was visibly afraid. And then I said "Candlejack" and smacked him before he kidnapped me.

Then I watched static because static is fahn. Then my eyes turned red and popped out,

because that always seems to happen in these creepyalfredo's. Then I was on my

COMPUTTER, thinking of some new ideas for creepyravioli's, to no avail.

I posted my feelings on a website, only for it to get deleted by the moderator, and then he sent me a message...

"If you post this one more time, I go to your house and kill you in sleep, then I will shit on your grave and dance on it."

Then I saw a lost episode of Spongebob, because the FCC got high and forgot to check the shows coming on, so I saw this paticular episode on my TV of static. Spengbab was afraid and Squidward was like "I'm going to kill you now" then he turned into Epic Face and blew up and then my TV blew up and I was sad so I killed myself.

The next morning, I woke up, sweating. Then I realized something that made my heart jump through my chest,

I forgot to feed my dog. And if you are reading this, you will die in the next day if you don't foward it to 69 people.


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