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Author's note: I uploaded this to trollpasta because this story isn't allowed on creepypasta wiki. Originally created October 22nd 2022 I think

An average sonic.exe fan made character story by SodaPop7720

I am a Sonic fan.

I had seen playthroughs of most games in the series, and really liked the character. I will admit I enjoy some things about Sonic I shouldn’t, whether it would be a bad game, or a crappy story. But one day, something happened that changed my view on this character forever.

It all started when I downloaded a PC Rom of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 I found on a random Discord server. There were a few people after this incident saying not to download it as it is a virus, but that was after I downloaded it. I booted up the file.

Everything was normal, and just like the original game. After hitting start (or enter since this is a PC Rom), I noticed something was off. At first I couldn’t tell what, so I ignored this little thought and continued playing. However, in the next stage, I noticed the issue. Tails was nowhere to be seen, even though I never changed to just Sonic. Tails should’ve been with Sonic, following him around. Then I remembered this was a Rom on a random Discord server, it had probably already been played (I don’t know how that made sense then, as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has no saving, but whatever). Anyhow, I beat Eggman and moved on to a very normal Chemical Plant Zone, with once again no Tails.

Aquatic Ruin Zone is when things actually got weird. First off, no animals would come out of badniks when killed, nor would they give you points. I thought this was just a bug, barely even noticing. However, I did notice a weird looking statue sprite that never appeared in the original game. I was a little creeped out by this, but continued playing, oblivious to what lay ahead.

When I got to Aquatic Ruin’s boss, I was met with a statue thing on one of the pillars. It was then when I recognized what this statue was: Tails.

It made more sense now, Tails was busy putting up statues of himself all over Aquatic Ruin. But why? Was he doing it elsewhere? Where had the animals in all the badniks gone? I was soon to find out the 1st question's answer after finishing the boss. When I ran over to the capsule, I was stopped by the edge of the locked screen. The screen wouldn't unlock, and shortly after, the screen faded to black. I then heard a voice that sounded familiar, but was too compressed to accurately make out. It sounded like the voice was saying this:

You can't.

After this, Casino Night Zone loaded up. I was a little freaked out at this point, but I pressed on and continued playing. Now, badniks wouldn't move, as if they were deactivated. Also, the music's pitch was a little off, just enough for me to notice. I continued through the stage, before entering a special stage. The stage was way different, however. It was a straight track across, and there were no rings. Midway through this, some text saying YOU CAN'T kept flashing on the screen, seemingly in place of the counter saying how many rings I had until I met the required amount. No results screen for the special stage showed up afterward.

After this weird encounter, I attempted to complete the stage, but when I got to the end, no signpost was waiting there, but rather the statue version of tails, but not a statue. He was in the same position as the statues, head down, looking rather upset, but it was obviously now just Tails. Tails walked up to Sonic. A black box with text appeared on screen.

Hello, Sonic.

I know you want to do this adventure without troubling old me.

Smashing badniks, saving animals, stopping the doctor.

Acting like I don't exist.

Like I'm just a random NPC.

Like I'm just an obstacle in your way.

Like all I do is just slow you down.

I actually have feelings.

I am actually a sentient being here.

Why don't you want me to go on adventures with you, Sonic?

Or more appropriately…

Tails then turned toward the camera.

You, Curtis Anthony.

What?! How does it know my full name? It wasn't even my computer username! This is when I realized that there was a sentient and angry Tails in this Rom. I was pretty startled by this, nearly crying out of sheer terror. Tails continued to speak.

Yeah, I am sentient, and see you cowering in fear.

Definitely real, or a coincidence.

Y'know, you didn't have to go alone.

You could've just gone with me, and no conflict.

I then say "I did choose you. You and Sonic. I don't know why you are mad at me, Tails."

Ah, is this true?

Shoot, sorry Curtis.

I was slightly relieved about how he immediately recognized that I never did anything, but then he asked,

Who was it then who eliminated me from following Sonic?

I then explained that I got the Rom from a Discord server and just wanted to play Sonic 2. I also said who sent the Rom on the server.

Okay, thank you. Once again, apologies.

I will take care of the situation, and hopefully no violence will be required.

I will be right back.

And with that, the Rom closed, and if I tried to open it, I would just get a null object reference that prevented me from opening it. I would've deleted the file, but I was unsure if deleting the file would delete Tails. While I waited, I asked people about the incident, and they said that the file was actually a virus. My antivirus somehow never went off when I booted up the file. I was very confused by that. Until I noticed… the date and time the file got sent on. It was after I had started playing the Rom. This random scammer on Discord waited for someone to download it, then changed the file to a virus! Who does that?

2 days later, I had not heard from the guy, nor did I want to. I checked my computer to see if Tails was there, and surely, he was. I waved to him, and he spoke, this time with real words, "Hi.". That was the voice I heard while playing the Rom. It was him. "Where have you been, Curtis? I've been waiting for hours."

"Sorry," I replied.

"It's fine. Anyways, the man is scarred for life, but no violence was required. It definitely was him, editing the files and adding in his save data and stuff. Makes me very angry when people can't just enjoy the game normally."

"Yeah, hackers and scammers are the worst."

"Y'know, we get along pretty well, I think we could be pretty good friends."

This was extremely cool for a huge sonic fan like me. I was thinking to myself, who would pass this up. I ended up accepting being friends with Tails. All of the scary stuff a couple days back had led up to me becoming real life friends with a sentient version of a video game character. I wish the awesomeness could've lasted until I died, but it didn't last nearly that long.

One day, I invited a couple of friends over to a sleepover, and introduced them to the sentient 2 tailed fox on my computer. However, Tails got a bit freaky. He sneered at one of them, specifically the one who I will call Carl. Carl was scared off afterwards. I asked Tails why he would do this, and his response was this:

"He is the scammer"

I was in pure shock by this. I befriended someone who this Tails hates. This wasn't going to be good. Tails then disappeared, and immediately after, the fire alarm went off. We rushed upstairs to see what it was.

It was a lightbulb that had exploded and was now on fire. I rushed to the sink, which wouldn't run water. Suddenly, the hose came through the window, and violently sprayed water at my face. More of my house's electricity went off, and everyone rushed out of the house.

All to meet Tails. Standing just as he had in the Rom. Everything. With one difference, other than the fact that he was now not a sprite, but an actual being. He was holding something. It was a decapitated head, specifically, Carl's head. I nearly puked by the sight of this. Tails then started speaking.

"So you want to still be friends with me? You want to backstab me at the most joyful of moments? You want to escape your burning house? You want to live? Well here is my answer to all of that: YOU CAN'T."

That is all I can remember before I woke up. I was not very satisfied with what had just happened. This whole thing was so cool, all before leading up to 'It was all a dream'. I was a little upset, but brushed it off. A package had arrived at my door this morning, and before I opened it, I just hit myself a couple of times to make sure I was actually awake. I sure was. The package was sent from someone named 'Tom'...

Written by SodaPop7720
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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