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Hello! My name is Kevin. And today, I will be talking about a super scary thing that happened to me when I watched an episode of... um...

FUCK! I forgot to pick a show to make a troll creepypasta on. Hmm... OH! I know! How about The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. I mean, Jimmy Neutron (who refers it to the full title anyway? Nobody, that's for sure). This show hasn't had a troll creepypasta/lost episode about it? Right? Ok let's get back to the story.

Anyway, I will be talking about a super scary thing that happened to me when I watched an episode of The adventures of, I mean Jimmy Neutron. Now how did I come across this episode. Well I was an intern at Nickelodeon... wait, that's been done already. I received a letter and a CD case in the mail from... That's been done as well hasn't it? I went to a garage sale and I saw a VHS tape that said... No. UGH! ALL OF THESE INSTANCES OF DISCOVERING LOST EPISODES HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE. HOW CAN I DISCOVER THIS LOST EPISODE WITHOUT USING ANY OF THESE STUPID CLICHES!?

Oh wait I forgot! It's a troll creepypasta. You can make up anything even if it's been done before. I digress, let's get back to the lost episode. I actually found the lost episode of JN when I discovered a DVD that said, "LOST EPISODE OF JIMMY NEUTRON DO NOT WATCH OR MAKE A TROLL CREEPYPASTA ABOUT IT". You may be asking, how did I find this? THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS I found it in a garbage can at the park. I took it because I figured it must be good. It is a trashcan in the park right? It must be good. Oh sorry I must have confused you, I took the DVD in the trash can. Not the entire trash can. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I took the DVD (not the trashcan) home and booted up my DVD player. Not my computer because I wanted to watch an episode of one of my favorite TV shows on the big screen (a flat screen counts right?). Oh wait! I forgot to talk about my reaction (it's no longer trademarked so The Fine Bros can't sue me) when I found it. When I found the DVD, I was very confused as to why it said it was a lost episode. I never heard of a lost episode of Jimmy Neutron. Google doesn't know either (actually it will, after this troll creepypasta is up). So why did Nickelodeon decide to not air this episode? Surely the content on it can't be worse than anything modern Nick is showing now right?

Anywho, I booted up my DVD player and inserted the disk in and sat on my couch. For some reason, nothing came on. I was thinking the DVD was maybe dirty or scratched and I groaned because I was worried that it was probably ruined. But it turns out it didn't play because I didn't close the DVD tray. Oops. I didn't feel like getting up so I threw some things at the tray to make it close. After several failed attempts, I got up and closed it myself. After doing that, the DVD finally played. Now we can finally talk about the not scary stuff the DVD showed.

When the DVD played (oh wait I already said that. Meh leave it in anyway) it just went to a title screen. It didn't show anything else. No advertisements, no logos, no nothing (Wait isn't that for video games? Whatever). One second in the tray and it is at the title screen. All the title screen showed was a still image of a neutron that is used for showing the title cards that said "LOST EPISODE OF JIMMY NEUTRON DO NOT WATCH OR MAKE A TROLL CREEPYPASTA ABOUT IT". Yep, it literally said the same thing the DVD said. Unfortunately I can't show a picture of it because I can't find a blank title card with no text to add in... I mean I didn't have a camera with me. So you're just going to have to use youare imagination.

The only other thing on the title screen was text that said, "Play Episode". I pressed it, but nothing happened. That was, until I realized that I was being stupid and actually pressed my finger on the Tv screen where it said Play episode. I was supposed to press play on the DVD player remote to start the episode. Oops again. After pressing play on my remote, the episode finally started. The episode started with the intro (as like every other episode). However, it was... different. The intro started with the traditional, "3, 2, 1", but this time, it had a 0 at the end. So it went "3, 2, 1, 0" instead. That was weird I thought. After that, the part where Jimmy says "Gotta blast" shows up, however, he said "Gotta DIE" instead. DIE was said in Ganon's voice. You know, the one where he says "YOU DARE BRING LIGHT TO MY LAIR!? YOU MUST DIE!". After saying "Gotta DIE!" Jimmy's rocket exploded as he blasted off. The rest of the intro was the theme song but it in G major, backwards, and differed in different pitches throughout the entire thing. As the altered song was playing, the video of the intro was playing normally. However, when it got to the part with Godard (Jimmy's pet robot dog) barking and flying off, instead of the usual robotic dog bark, Godard barked "DIE!" and exploded, just like what happened with Jimmy in his rocket. "That was also weird" I said to myself. The rest of the video still played like normal. Well, except for the part of Carl shouting "HELP!" when he is about to be attacked by pants. Instead of shouting "HELP!" he shouts, you guessed it, "DIE!". Just kidding. He shouts "HELP!" like normal. I was lying about this scene being weird, it just played normal. Well except for the fact that the pants now looked hyper-realistic and the building in the background were all destroyed, Carl looked bloody and bruised and was missing his glasses but besides that it was fine. Sorry, I just needed an excuse to say hyper-realistic.

The intro finally ended with the title screen with Jimmy's friends around it and Jimmy flying from the top of the screen with the help of Godard and Godard then barking at something with Jimmy grabbing him and being pulled away. Before Godard barked, the screen showed something very different and made me realize one of the reasons as to why Nick didn't air this episode. What did it show you ask? Did it show a red background instead of black? Did it show Jimmy and/or his friends looking dead with black and red/no eyes? Did it show the numbers 666? Did the appearance of the text look a bit different than what it should look like? NO! It showed something worse! The text that showed the shows title was supposed to be "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusTM". However, the "The", "of" and "TM" were missing. So it instead showed "Adventures Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius". This really worried me because I know it was supposed to have said "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusTM" and not that. But thankfully, it only happened for a split second, but that still really worried me.

After the intro, the title card for the episode showed up. What did the title card say? Nothing. And by nothing, I mean there was no title card. Yep, no title card nor any credits of the people who made it. Then again, this was a lost episode, so I figured they removed them so that anyone who came across this DVD wouldn't know who made this. The transition with the neutron flying out to show the episode didn't show up either. It just went straight to the episode. The episode started with Sheen and Carl, Jimmy's friends, walking to Jimmy's lab. They were arguing about what was better, Ultra Lord, or llamas. I figured this was just a joke for the episode, but it started getting more... wild. Sheen and Carl then started yelling at each other. It now looked more like it was a failed attempt at a joke (this entire troll creepypasta) The arguing then got more serious with Sheen and Carl now insulting each other. It got more personal as it went on. It ended with Sheen calling Carl a "fat four-eyed dork" and Carl retaliates by punching sheen in the face. Sheen then launched at Carl and the two started attacking each other. This didn't bother me because I was still thinking about the altered title screen and the missing words. The two were fighting for what felt like 2 minutes (it was EXACTLY 2 minutes by the way. I even timed it) until Sheen said "Stop! We must settle this once and for all." Sheen then looked at Jimmy's lab and Carl knew what he meant. They were going to take Jimmy's inventions and use them to battle each other in a death match.

Well that would have happened. Instead, they went to Jimmy's lab to ask Jimmy weather llamas or Ultra Lord was better. BTW, the part with Sheen and Carl arguing and fighting was pointless since the two looked like nothing had happened. I also forgot to mention that they were both bruised and were covered in hyper-realistic blood after the fight. Anyway, after being asked the question, Jimmy didn't know how to respond to the question. BTW, the part where I said the fighting was pointless was also pointless because literally after saying that, Carl and Sheen were back in their bruised and hyper-realistic bloody selves. Sheen then said "then we must end this once and for all". They both looked to their left and saw an arsenal of inventions that Jimmy has created throughout the entire show. I figured Jimmy would ask them about what they were thinking about. However, Jimmy just stood still. No seriously. It panned to Jimmy, and he just stood there without moving or saying anything (that's creepy right?). Sheen and Carl then got the inventions all while Jimmy was just standing still without objecting to what they were doing. It then cut to the Retroville park with Sheen and Carl staring at each other. The scene was like a duel in a western film. However, instead of an awesome duel scene... they just continue staring at each other. They don't even have the inventions they took. They were empty handed.

They stayed like this for 4 minutes straight (again, I timed it) with absolutely nothing going on in the background. Then all of a sudden, something actually happened... Sheen coughed. Then they were staring at each other again. This lasted for another 1 minutes and 30 seconds (I didn't time it this time. I just guessed) until FINALLY something actually happened. Sheen and Carl slowly turned their heads towards the camera. I figured they were staring at something. Or better yet... someone... me... But it turns out they were staring at camera because it looked shiny or something like that. Sheen and Carl stared at the camera for about 30 seconds (I remembered to time it this time) until all of a sudden I heard... "DIE!" and Sheen's and Carl's head exploded. It wasn't in a gory and hyper-realistic way though. It was like their heads were burned up like a bomb and exploded, minus the burning part. After their heads blew up, there was just headless torsos of Sheen and Carl, standing still in the middle of the park. I guess the episode was over because I heard the credit music however no credits showed up. It was just the still image of the headless torsos. Plus, the credit music sounded like it was altered the same way the intro music was. I'm not going to bother saying what the alterations were again, go back to the top if you forgot what it was supposed to sound like.

After the altered credits music stopped playing, the episode was finally over as it went to a black screen. I noticed that the DVD player turned off automatically after the black screen showed up and the tray opened up as well. I was left confused. "WTF was that" I thought. "More importantly, what happened to the missing The, of, and TM. I still want to know. Maybe that was the reason why it was never released. Perhaps it could have been the episode itself. But I'm going with they first theory." I went up to get the DVD and noticed that it said something different. It no longer said what I previously said it contained, it now read "YOU IDIOT! I TOLD YOU NOT TO WATCH THIS EPISODE! BUT YOU WERE TOO STUPID AND DECIDED TO WATCH IT ANYWAY! AS A PUNISHMENT, YOU'RE DVD PLAYER IS NOW BROKEN AND YOU MUST BUY A NEW ONE. ALSO, YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE THE, OF, AND TM. NOW THAT YOU WATCHED THIS LOST EPISODE, A TROLL CREEPYPASTA WILL BE MADE NOW. I HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT. MORON!" "Are you serious!" I said, "Now I have to buy a new DVD player"

I went onto Amazon (not Ebay) to buy myself a new DVD player. Surprisingly, I found one that looked like it was in perfect condition. In fact, it looked alot like my old DVD player. Actually, it looked way too similar to it. I noticed that the price was $0.01. Without any second though, I bought it. Immediately after buying it, I heard my door bell ring. When I opened it, I couldn't believe my eyes. IT WAS JIMMY NEUTRON! And no, I don't mean a person that looked like Jimmy, it was Jimmy Neutron himself! In the cartoon's style of CGI and everything. I was very surprised and flabbergasted by this. I was going to ask Jimmy why was he here, but all he said was "Gotta DIE!" and then he exploded.

"Ok then..."

THE END (Hey I haven't seen a Troll Creepypasta do that before)

Written by Kevin-The-Skeleton
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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