A hidden episode on a blank DVD in Phelan Porteous's house in which his eyes bleed hyperrealistic blood and he mercilessly slaughters all of his running gag characters while Lavender Town plays backwards

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Author's note: This trollpasta was inspired by a comment on the video in which Old Man reads Theodore's Bad Day, at here. You're welcome for the publicity if Old Man reads this trollpasta, which is just sad and eerie for the reason mentioned below, SmeddyTooBestChannel.

I was a total fan of Phelan Porteous. I was such a fan that I actually felt like I was turning into a literal fan. Anyways, I liked his reviews; he made lots of funny jokes and commentaries on crappy shows and films. But my favorite was the Old Man Reads Creepypastas series, in which Old Man reads crappypastas and mocks them. I laughed at each joke for a long time, but especially ones like "Hello. I'm here because I played a scary Sonic game." Too bad there were only 8 episodes.

However, one episode featured him reading "The Scariest Story in the Universe," which is a trollpasta, not a bad creepyasta! Phelan was being dishonest with the audience, and that's just sad and eerie! That was a big red flag that was like an elephant in the room to me, but I wish it wasn't!

Unfortunately, a lost episode he had scared the lights outta me that I only liked his series now! Anyways, I won'ta give too many unnecessary details about the experience watching the lost episode!

I live 30 minutes away from Phelan's house, so I went there at night and broke in (when he was sleeping). I know that's against the law (only because Phelan was sleeping), but I was such a fan of him. Anyways, I went into his living room, and there was tons of dollar bills on the ground, as there was a luxurious (but turned off) disco ball on the ceiling. Their was an equally luxurious computer and microphone. I dug in furgher in the room, and there was a nothing is scarierly eerie DVD in a corner of the room, formally obscured by some dollar bills. I took it home and watched it on my DVD player. Wish I hadn't! I was so naïve!

When I drove into my driveway, I walked to my house. Each step had the musty sound of stepping on wet concrete as I flipped flapped my legs back and forth. I then plopped the DVD into my DVD player, and oh crap, I wish I wouldn't have to explain this to you, because of how scary it is! The episode opened up with a close up of Phelan, but his eyes were bleeding hyperrealistic blood as the Lavender Town track from the first Pokémon game played backwards, and the background was my house! How the hell did he know where I live?

After 10 seconds of the close up, the camera zoomed out like a 90s cartoon made by DIC, for 0.5 seconds! He then produced a knife out of a pocket, and ran straight for Wabuu! When he started stabbing him, the editing was actually professional, unlike in many of his videos! Each stab, lots of hyperrealistic blood from Wabuu came out of him as he screamed! Just before the killing stab, there was a (5 second) close up of Wabuu, in which his face looked hyperrealistic, and he said "Don't kill me, you monster!"

Unfortunately, he did, and then aimed straight for Old Man, as he said "But I read crappypastas for your audience's enjoyment!" Phelan darkly and with half the pitch as his regular voice (His voice was always half the pitch or even lower) said, "I have enough money! I no longer care for the audience! Prepare to die, completely useless now man!"

When he started stabbing Old Man, the latter started being animated like in the movie he was based off of, as he hyperrealistically and horrifyingly and terrifyingly screamed out "STTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! When Phelan delivered the final stab, Old Man said, with the same voice (Rab Jackson's) as in the movie he was based off of, and with a spiritual voice effect, said, "You will pay for this, PHELAN PORTEOUS. You made me realize that all the creepypastas that I have ever read are not actually bad." His spirit than came out of his body (as it fell to the ground), rising to Heaven, which made me teary eyed.

Phelan then finally aimed for Beauty, who was mentally wondering, "Why is Phelan made out of white chocolate?" On each stab, Beauty then made unconvincing sounding but yet extremely eerily "Ahs." On the final stab, Beauty's voice had the same spiritual voice effect, and the same voice actor as in the movie she came from, and calmly and dumbly said, "Why am I in a crappypasta?" That was scary because this is not a crappypasta, but a true and scary story that I really experienced, which happened!

After the kills, Phelan turned from rightway to at the camera, as a nightmare face (which composed of big black soulless eyes and a mouth with similar qualities to the eyes) slowly developed, for 60 seconds. Then, when the seconds were done, he made a scary roar, and jumped at the camera, before the DVD ended with 50 minutes of static. I watched them all, to make sure this scary lost episode that ended, and no, I'm not insane and dumb and unsane and hard brained! My curiousty was forcing me to watch the static!

The DVD player ejected the DVD out, but them, Phelan, with the nightmare face, was on my window, as he barged at me, while Lavender Town was playing in reverse in real life (as if it was a 2D audio source in a Unity game). I then engaged in an epic and eerie and scary battle with him. He launched his fits at me, which seemed like rockets. I dodged them. The fits appeared on his arms after the attack. His face then detached from his head and flew at me, like that person in the bathroom scene of the pilot of The Amazing Digital Circus. I avoided it too, and it reappeared. The cycled repeated 50 times before I punched him in the face and then it looked like a demon escaped out of his body, and he was confused as what had just happened.

I explained what had happened, and we formed an alliance to defeat the demon.

Remember guys. This is a true story which happened, so work with me and Phelan to defeat the demon. It is still on the loose, and it could attack anyone at any point. We have to be careful. Or else...

Written by CreeperExplodeMakesGames14
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Originally posted on baldifanonbutchaosaharharhar.fandom.com. Also, please send to Phelan Porteous for him to make Old Man read this trollpasta.

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