BCP: Tom the Intern Gaiden: Non-Canonical Side Story: Tom the Intern vs Jeff the Killer

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It was the dead of night. I was sleeping in my bed... Or rather, trying to. For whatever reason, I couldn't get myself to drift off, no matter what I tried. I was in my most comfortable pajamas, wrapped in my coziest blanket, and I drank nearly a half gallon of warm milk... But nothing worked. I stared at the ceiling, trying to will myself into being tired, until something caught my attention. My window had begun to creak open, and someone was coming in. I could hardly make out much detail, but I could see his white jacket, plain as day. He slowly approached me.

"Aw... What's wrong, having a little trouble going to dream land?" He cocked his head, and pulled a knife out of his pocket that had begun to rust. "Just go to sleep..."

"Ah, ah, ah, you didn't say the magic word." A voice from elsewhere in my room called out. He turned on a lamp that wasn't there to begin with, revealing his face. He and the intruder were both pale, both had black hair, but the hooded boy had no eyelids, and a smile carved into his face.

"Who the hell are you?" The boy cocked an eyebrow.

"The name's Thomas. Thomas Intern." He stood, and materialized a chainsaw from seemingly nowhere. "And I know who you are... I've been waiting for you, Jeff."

"Wait, where'd that–" Before he could finish his sentence, Tom had charged at him with the revved chainsaw, narrowly missing him. "Oh Christ!"

"Stand still, Jefe!" Tom laughed as he continued to swing it at him.

Jeff kept dodging, and despite his unnatural grin, he looked perturbed. "I think jefe means..." His voice cracked as the chainsaw nearly dug into him, cutting a huge chunk out of his hair. "Boss!"

"Don't care, didn't ask, plus ratio." Tom swung his leg out, and slammed it into Jeff's stomach. The wind was knocked out of him, and he crumpled to the floor.

"H-How..." Jeff was interrupted by a torrent of bile from his mouth. Tom kicked him in the stomach again, and again. He only stopped after Jeff stabbed him in the leg.

Tom looked at the knife, and then pulled it out. "Just a flesh wound." He lifted his other foot, and began to stomp on Jeff's head. He stomped again, and again, and didn't let up. Even as he stopped twitching, Tom kept stomping, until where the was once a head, there was just a bloody mess.

"There we go..." He pulled out a list from thin air, and crossed off a name. 'Jeff the Killer.' There were other names, too. Jane the Killer, Silent Sonya, Charlie the Killer (fat whore), Tikki Tobi, the list went on. He then turned to me. "Hey, you should subscribe to MichaelLeroi on YouTube."

"W-What?" I stammered out, my heart beating fast, my face contorted in horror.

"Y'know, Bad Creepypasta. Good channel." He climbed out of the window, and despite my room being on the third floor, he just walked on thin air. I'll always remember that night. The night I met... Tom the Intern.

Written by Stevaniel
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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