Blarble Blornets

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[Missing image: Blenderman_2.jpg]

DAY 1: Just yesterday, I had finally finished building my house, but this morning, I woke up to find that an enderman had teleported inside. This enderman seemed to be glitched. Where his face should have been, there was just a blank space. I ever so creatively decided to call this blank enderman "The Blenderman." I get the feeling I'm going to be seeing more of him later, so I decided to start writing this journal. If I go insane and commit suicide, I want whoever finds this journal to post everything written here on /x/.

DAY 2: I found an NPC village. I built a lot of doors and got them to have some children. After that, I think I saw The Blenderman in the nearby woods.

DAY 3: This morning, I went into the village to sell some of my wheat. All the village's children were nowhere to be found, and the adults were all inside, and did not leave their houses no matter how bright it was. I'm worried that I might not be able to get them to breed.

[Missing image: Blenderman_4.jpg]

DAY 4: As it was getting late, I found out that I had to find 8 pieces of paper that were scattered throughout a nearby park (don't ask me why). I took a single redstone torch with me, hopped a fence, and went to find 8 pages.

After I found the first page, I started to see The Blenderman. Every time he entered my field of view, my screen would fill up with static. He started to show up more often the more pages I collected. After collecting the fifth one, he finally got me.

DAY 5: When The Blenderman killed me, and I re-spawned in my bed, I saw this creature sitting at the foot of my bed. It looked like an emaciated dog that had been hit by a car, and he had bladed rake like hands. Since it was unfair for hostile mobs to spawn-camp me, I set the difficulty to peaceful until I recovered my possessions.

When I got home, I saw The Blenderman standing outside. I have no idea how long he's been just sitting there, staring into my attic window. I must have mistaken him for a tree, somehow.

[Missing image: Blenderman_5.jpg]

After much brooding and dreading, I got my bow and took a shot at him through the window. It was rather embarrassing, since I forgot that arrows can't penetrate glass, so I had to just sit there looking like an idiot while the Blenderman mocked me through my arrow-punctured window.

DAY 6 - AFTERMATH: I posted my story on /x/, and everyone called it unoriginal. Some even called it a blatant rip off of a certain other creepy pasta. I don't know what they're talking about; this story is nothing like Herobrine.

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