Cursed Sherbert Bunny

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NOT A TROLL PASTA! (get used to this at the beginning of my pastas.)

Day 1: OH MY GOSH! I can't believe my luck! I was at the Thrift Shop and I found a Webkinz Sherbert Bunny!!! They're really rare. I named her Periwinkle (In courtesy of Starrystar33 on YouTube.). I put some Webkinz clothes on her and walked to the mall with my cousin and mom. ( The mall was a VERY short walk from the parking lot of the Thrift Shop.)

Day 2: I took the clothing off her because i didn't like the clothes. She's really soft. Like she's brand new...WEIRD. Why would someone give away a valuebul Webkinz? Aw well.

Day 3: I totally regret buying her. I put her down on the kitchen table and found her in the bathroom. I would find her in the wrong places.

Day 4: I tried persuading my mom to go back to the Thrift Shop, but no avail. I had a HORRID nightmare last. The worst. I was in a white world and there was crab grass. I kept running, running, running. Until, I fell in a hole and there was blood EVERYWHERE. It was like a remix of the Cupcakes fanfic except I was RD and Periwinkle was Pinkie Pie. I woke up, panting and in cold sweats at 3:30 AM. I didn't fall back asleep that night.

Day 6: The reason why I didn't write yesterday was that I was out shopping without Periwinkle. I think Periwinkle is gonna come alive and do what she did to me in that nightmare.

Day 8: Oh god. I hallucinate blood everywhere. I'm getting sick very much. I think I'm gonna die. My throat feels as raspy as heck. My body feels about 250 degrees Farenhite. I'm so scared. I just want help.

Day 10: OH MY GOD JUST HELP ME ALREADY! PERIWINKLE CAME ALIVE AND KILLED MY FAMILY AND COUSINS! I saw a not in my Mom's blood that said "You're next." Zalgo-fied. I'm just so scared. Wait... my door is creaking open...I can see a periwinkle colored ear... OH MY GOD IT'S-

Diary found covered in blood, the note, and it was in the ashes of a burnt house, next to a Webkinz Sherbert Bunny.

Credited to Pinkcat09

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