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I wasn't watching Morbius anymore. The fact that this wasn't my experience watching Morbius. I experienced the full MAR incident so let's move onto another.

Chapter 1

It wasn't a shady joke that a MFGG user named "Eltherich" messaged me directly and said that he had a new fan-game on Mario Fan Games Galaxy and contained a .smc file uploaded as a .zip file containing Lunar Patch files. This file was directly uploaded to SMWCentral. Eltherich was a professional and skilled Wizard 101 player who was thinking that Wizard 101 was innerving and had to move on. The name of this game uploaded was The extinction of Yoshi - Part 1.smc and the name, was actually a part 1 of his fan game that he built in. The second part was a .exe file, of course. The users of SMWCentral and MFGG reported to see tragic incidents regarding of the game and more importantly Eltherich and caused a persistent delusional disorder while creating this game, making him extremely mad in the comments section of this hack. They never download this and they only looked at one image. The image was a jungle with no dinosaurs and a land full of extinct dinosaurs. Wasn't Dinosaur Land extinct in these images? Lucky for me it wasn't the Dinosaur Land incidents but there's a message in one of the descriptions of the fan game that actually reads out something:

Dinosaur Land had gone extinct due to natural causes regarding of these. Multiple creatures died because of this natural extinction. It was used to be a natural place but there is one wrong move. The only survivor was something else... and it died after a natural cause surrounding tragedy and quantumonia and death.

That's something interesting because quantumonia was a combination of all 5 Star Road stages and formed this secret stage that cannot be easily obtained. By the matter, Eltherich explained this stage in a forum post. it is set to have a combination between all 5 Star Road stages and can be more difficult to complete, which included enemies that have different interactions and palettes. Such as strange purple and green Rexes. Maybe these dinosaurs are most often extinct by the same natural cause in the description, being as ancient as they are. This is most likely not a thing when Morbius is released, everyone just give a stupid 1-star to 2-star review showing bizarre quotes on the Rotten Tomatoes page and on the IMDb pages respectively. What's interesting though is the fact that the Star Road is comprised of cool and funky names, this didn't get you a shot at this one. I don't know why Eltheritch did this to me because when I messaged him, he talked about that he had a probation anklet and what caused a tragic and unsettling murder of a person who most likely played Mario Kart 8, but he managed to survive the gunshots, and Elther shot at this man's arm instead of his chest. This is what caused him to have a probation anklet and a delusional disorder of this. It was worse than Gyorg and when skeletons popped out they screamed like chipmunks and ghouls once the skeletons had defeated Gyorg once the skeletons server beer.

There's nothing else behind this but a part of the "Dinosaur Fallout" suggests that Dinosaur Land was extinct after a meteorite caused a destruction against it. There are no incidents happened in Dinosaur Land, not even. I decided to read the entire thing and there are a few notable references related to SMW, and I HATE YOU, respectively. This work isn't made by Slimebeast, either because the lore behind Dinosaur Fallout was different than I HATE YOU.

Chapter 2

While I was playing Peggle to catch a break, I found mysterious anomalies with my Windows 7 PC while running Peggle. Thankfully I had protection, and I still know what happened after I played 53242 morbillion microseconds of purgatory, while playing Peggle.

Once I played roughly 6-10 minutes of Peggle, there was an anomaly about an extremely difficult and endless level that you could be stuck in hell, and in purgatory. This copy of Peggle I once downloaded was hacked. Some of the graphics in every single stage looked terrible and vile, with images of porous and composted sponges being tectonically and earth-shatteringly dirty, disgusting images of skeletons, creepy deer skeleton images and some of them had a red background most often. Satanic rituals and chants heard in the background, along with weirdly awful music. Some MIDI Files can be heard such as: 3596578201.mid and 6809251378.mid and these aren't the only MIDI files in question. This isn't like a skeleton popping out and screaming loudly while having a seizure, it's basically a skeleton reference to another skeleton. Sometimes the game crashes if you reach obnoxiously high levels.

I just hated Peggle, so I closed it and download both of the parts though no one downloaded it. Apparently, the first part was actually a .smc file but it is obvious to see the capabilities behind this.

Part 1

This is where it begins. So it begins with the normal SMW Title screen with one difference: Yoshi isn't here because he was moved to Dinosaur Land! That was the actual reason why, and I pressed Enter to start. The only thing is changed that you can play as him, in Dinosaur Land. I came across multiple large, or normal dinosaurs, and I talked to them, but they are talking with something of the lines of Watch out and Meteor incoming! because they think that the extinction was going to happen soon. The powerup box is gone. The score was set to 0000000. My lives are set to 1 because I'm afraid I can instantly die in this game, but while walking through, 7 morbillion seconds later, there is a speaker box, and it said:

Please, I alert you, my friend! All the other dinosaurs in this land are waiting to escape and they are being scared! We alert you of a meteor storm coming by, resulting in the creatures being extinct! You should survive this incident, because you have only one life, and you die after you were caught by thousands of meteors ahead of you!

Well, I think I should skip this one because I don't have a stat on that, let's focus on the meteor incident. The next stage is called "Day 2" and it was the second day, no incidents happened. Day 2 was taking place in the afternoon, and it's easy. You can jump, and can smash and eat enemies ahead. I explored through the whole level, and I finally did it. Day 3 is just nothing but the same thing as Day 2 but the difficulty was amped up, but Day 4 is getting worse. The meteor apocalypse was happening, all the dinosaurs in this "Land" are running, and there's text the alerted me that said "RUN!" and I kept running over and over, dodging through obstacles and land objects, now of course there's meteors. If you touch the meteors, it will kill you with one hit. So I avoided these meteors anyway, because I did pixel-perfect jumps and spin-jumps, runs and crouches, and I finally survived this hard level. There is a cutscene where Yoshi had fully escaped the land and moved on. Day 5 is a level full of dinosaur skeletons in Dinosaur Land. They are dead and extinct, waiting to be revived, and to be well-lived. I am not just running, just standing and waiting, then I stormed off to see what's new. Day 6 was a copy of Donut Plains 1, but far more easier to start. The level was drawn-out and completely sparse. I imagine this level was going to be hard, but it's easy nonetheless. I don't have a stat on this level because let's focus on Day 7 instead of Day 6. Day 7 takes place in Yoshi's House, and if you touch the speaker box, and this will happen. It will show a cutscene of him crying in pain of what happened to Dinosaur Land, and all the other dinosaurs were extinct, there's a text box:

Please, my friend, do not go alone! We are still with you! We are reaching out in no time! Please don't leave this house! Just eat those apples, my friend!

The speaker box feels more determined to what it is. However, I stormed off and skipped the cutscene, and what comes next, Day 8. Day 8 was a duplicate of Yoshi's Island 1, but it's way easier. This level was an actual island, and being easy I can complete this too. Day 9, was the last level. It was very complicated. The level was steep and unbalanced. It began with a cutscene where Yoshi falls off a pit, and waiting to be extinct. It is known after falling down to the pit, we know something bad was going to happen, and the game ends.

Part 2

The entire level map.

This is where it continues. No title screen, nothing. Just a level where Yoshi was in a dark cave, and it's really hard and challenging, and puzzling too.

How to beat this level? You first got to move left, and you may find a key somewhere, and then you collect the key. It opens you a door that you have to go. To do this, you have to move right to open the door, and it will get you to floor 2. You have to find another key on the right side, and then you unlock door 3. go back to the door you came and go left and jump on the pit. Do not go onto the large pit. Do open the door and enter. It will show a Yoshi Coin along with a key. Collect the coin and the right side there's a key to obtain, then move back to the door, and unlock door 4. You will reach close to the end of this stage, and it's complex. You find another key and on the left sided unlock door 5, then at the right side there's another key and go back to door 4 and unlock door 6. Once exit the door 6 and 4 and climb to the top and you get a key. Go back to doors 4 and 6 and it will unlock door 7, then at the right side there's another key to unlock door 8. enter door 8 and get a key, then unlock door 9 and get a Yoshi Coin. Get back to door 4, and exit, an get onto the pit. Collect the key and it will unlock door 10. The exit door 10 and collect a key, then enter door 11, and then there's a Yoshi Coin and a key so you have to get door 12, once you get the key you will unlock door 12. Then there's another key and a Yoshi Coin, and unlocks door 13, at door 13, you will get a Yoshi Coin and a Key, it will unlock door 14. Grab a key and get back to door 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and it will unlock door 15. At door 15 collect the Yoshi Coin and a key, it will unlock door 16. After you collect all Yoshi Coins there's a cutscene where you obtain the castle key, and collect the castle key. Get back to door 4, and then exit, then go right, and jump on the pit, and then at the castle door (Where the question mark is located on the image), open the castle door and enter it. It will show a cutscene of Yoshi running in caves and discovers what appears to be a stalagmite. He then grabbed the stalagmite and stabbed into it, resulting in him dying and being extinct. The other cave stalagmites are collapsing and crushing his skull, resulting in him being fully extinct. There's a level where you can control Yoshi's skeleton which is titled "Afterlife". In this afterlife you have to walk through and collect coffin keys which you can open gravestones, and then collect Coffin Key 1 to unlock a coffin which is where one dinosaur died. Then obtain coffin key 2. Repeat this process until you get all 5 Yoshi Coins. Then you finish the level, and it will show a cutscene of undead dinosaurs. Then the sky became dark. Yoshi's skull returned back to Dinosaur Land. And if you complete this stage. I finished the game.

Chapter 3

I was communicating in Wizard 101 with Eltherich about what happened. I asked him that I finished the game and said "Good Luck" and he attempts to 1v1 me. I was a pro Shadow Wizard 101 player where we love casting spells, so I just going to attack Eltherich. I was level 77 but Elther was at level 58. Elther wasn't good but he is still. I tried using with my drawn-out attacks but I successfully defeated him. I know he is bad, but when I call Elther's number, I hear dark voices that heard "Yoshi is extinct" and "Souls upon you" and I closed the dial. I reported this to SMWCentral and MFGG, and the moderators woke up, they know about the game. They took it down according to my report for MFGG and SMWCentral. I know I was going to watch Morbius in peace with skeletons. I absolutely forgot about what Eltherich did wrong, but in one of the comments that he responed:

Sorry, but good luck being saddened about his extinction. This isn't fair at honest.

Then I saw one Easter egg in this game's files: DISHONESTY IS THE KEY TO VICTORY which was a unused graphic. The text was a placeholder for door entrance but it was likely that it's a placeholder for collectible items in this game. it was done to death already. This game was incredibly long though, especially for when Dinosaur Land is extinct. I can't imagine the exact same game was uploaded somewhere else other than Mac Tonight Fan Games Galaxy. MFGG user Plankton also approached Elther and proceeded to call the police. Elther was now hooked up in jail and broke the rules of MFGG, but he was still banned from MFGG for sharing a disturbing game. I can't imagine why he did it.

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