Forever lasting nightmare

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the creature or what it looked like i tried to recreate it on my computer

So i started to go to school as i do everyday but it fell off i had a weird feeling in my mind like it was actually trying to talk to me i just tried to ignore that thought The school day went on normally than i went home talking on the way but the feeling was still there it would not stop so i wanted to take a rest so i did so in my dreams i was in a abandoned mall i was scared i realised i couldn't open my eyes it was like some thing is stopping me from doing that so i accepted to look around i walked around and there was eyes around the mall like the mall was watching me i had a bunch of bad feelings i started to feel sick and i still couldn't wake and it randomly broke a part and i transported to a hallway with eyes all over it i walked down it it felt like it was an hour but i got to end a bright light got closer and there was fire around me but i woke at least i thought i was in my bedroom and there was a creature in the corner i tried to open the door while the creature came closer i was worried that if that dream could effect my eyes that means it would probably kill me then i would not wake up for a long time i busted open the door luckily but the house was off the kettles the chiasmas mittens in the front room they are gone i realised this wasn't my house i woke like it was a ending i luckily never had that dream again.

Credited to TobyThePersonthatliketomakewikiidk

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