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This is the documentary written by Christian P.P Derpstooge (NOT FUNNY!)

May 31, 1998

Obviously, he's better looking than you.

Guys! I couldn't wait to get my hands on that Gameboy Camera everyone is talking about! I couldn't wait, but I am lucky not to live in Japan, they gotta release it AFTER the summer! Poor Japanese kids, not having a Gameboy Camera in their hands. Anyways, one small reason I want to get a Gameboy Camera, is because all the kids make fun of my name. But, I'll show them, I'll show them who is the BOSS of our school!

Anyways, you probably haven't heard, but many people died making the Gameboy Camera, I am not sure why, but they committed suicide. I suppose they are dying because they're making an AWESOME camera which takes many years to invent! I sure hope Houston gets a football team invented. The Texans would be an AWESOME name for Houston! Oh, and my school is Gordon Creek Elementary. The elementary is full of geeks, jocks, bullies, girls, trolls, and idiots who sat on their chair with glue! (Yes, I'm talking about you Tony Mark) I am always bullied because of my name, but doesn't mean I can knock them out. The principal doesn't seem to mind since he is my uncle.

Alright, lets get back to the Gameboy Camera. The people who committed suicide was said to have been acting differently, having graffiti all over their face at work. It sounds creepy, and it is pretty weird, since I am now not sure getting that camera. But, I don't want to be the kid without all the Nintendo accessories. Tomorrow is the big day! YES!

June 1, 1998

I take back what I said...

First of all, I did not get a Gameboy Camera, I mean, I didn't buy one, but I DO have one. All the kids made fun of me even more because I don't have one! I also get bullied by idiot geeks wearing glasses, and stuck with herpes! (Not really) But, I got one at school for some reason because Tony Mark heard about my documentary, he sat next to me with the Gameboy Camera, rubbing my face, and talking about how his mom only paid $5 for it since she lives in a mansion. That was when I saw him play the mini-games, he then had a Pokemon-like battle with some boy staring nervously at him.

"Wanna see me play against him?" said Tony

"Nah, I don't feel like seeing that camera again" I replied

"Alright, I'll just run then."

Then, I heard him press the run button, and a flash sound was heard, but, Tony was screaming. At first, I thought its because of the way he is sensitive to hearing, but he jumped off, and turned it off. I asked him what happened, but he didn't responded, so he looked at me, and had the camera in both hands.

"HERE, YOU HAVE IT!" yelled Tony.

I was confused, but before I can reply, the bell rung, and we had to go back to class. I took it with me in my pocket, and got ready for 2 long periods of boringness, until dismissal came. I saw Tony on the way out, and I rushed to him to tell him what the heck happened, but he ran away from me as fast as his skinny legs can carry him. 

At home, I sat on my bed, and my mom told me she was going to the grocery store to buy more dairy. I starred at the Gameboy Camera, and I was sweating nervously, looking at the power button, I turned it on, and nothing happened. I thought this was just stupid, and mumbled how stupid is Tony getting me with his pranks. But then, I had an idea. He screamed because he pressed the run button during the mini-game. So I went to it, and looked at the run option. I was scared to death, wondering what would happened. I looked at it closely, pressed it............................AND A STUPID FACE CAME OUT HAHAHAHA! ITS SO UGLY OMG HAHAHAHA

I was laughing for 666 minutes straight, and I was laughing so much, I was dancing. I just lost my mind, I went ballistic knowing I saw something so stupid, ugly, and dumb! Until, my laughing opened a portal, and Evil Patrixx was carrying a skeleton. I said "Who are you?" He responded "I am an evil, but better clone of a character from a show coming out next year called Spingebulb Spitwit"

I said "OH NO! SO SCARY!!!" I was scared to my wits, but then Evil Patrixxx threw a skeleton at me and now I'm died. But Evil Patrixxx said he was phone. Now that means I have to be a janitor in the underworld.

The End.


You grew up in the 1990's right? Well, I just want to explain what a fantastic decade that was. We had seen horror, thinking this is the final level, but it would grow more. This however, was funny. I, Christian Solis 17 had a gameboy camera. When I first heard about this. I was scared, but now, fear is turned into a joke to laugh about. Trollpasta can help you with that. It cures fear. It cures scariness, and it cures the time you heard Justin Bieber for the first time. Now, we're adults, we tell our children about how our generation has been awesome, and how the kids are living in the worst time in the universe. But, we must keep telling tales about our past fears, and our Nintendo Gameboy collections. Things were not the same now. But lets wait for our kids to find out what joke they have been living in. Oh, and Tony committed suicide, Christian P.P Derpstooge got to have a Lyra plushie as a reward, and Evil Patrixxx is still awesome. So, lets recreate the 90's, and together, kids will actually be more realistic!

Written by Christian Solis 17
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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