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The squid ward i saw when watching

So I got a sponge bob tape in my mailbox so with my curiosity I put in it glitched for 1 minute and came to sponge bob in the crusty crab he came to basment of the crusty crab sponge bob saw eyes in the dark the lights turnt on and went red it showed an image of mr.krabs next but SpongeBob's screams in the background mr krab went to the basement to sponge bob with no face than an black void came out of nowhere and squidward's face looking at mr krabs the scream's of bikini bottom the background it cut to squidward going to the chumb bucket and squidward looking at the camera than plankton randomly appeared next to squid ward than squid ward screams were in the background then the outro started next episode it flashed squid wards face but it looked so low quality then my tv crashed

Credited to TobyThePersonthatliketomakewikiidk

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