Ice Cream Crisis: ReWrote

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Before you read any of this here is a special message. This is a rewrote version of the Creepypasta 'The Simpsons: Hit & Run: Ice Cream Crisis' and is rewrote by the original author. This version is more different, better attempt at grammar and not making it a rip-off to the Haunted Majoras Mask Catridge (The original story was a rip-off). Hope you enjoy this remade pasta.

04/07/12: Everyday, something different happens on those days but this day was not standard for me. My local game store was moving next to this city and i'm not sure why. This was the day the store moved so i went to see any remainings on the ground. I was both lucky and unlucky at the same time because i found a Action Replay for the Gamecube and another one for the Playstation 2. There was also a pile of ash which i thought was wierd, but then i decided to kick the ash, only to feel a game box inside. I took the item outside of the ash and it was not what i expected. The box was cracked, scratched and had blood markings on the front. Removing the markings, there was blurry pen drawings on the front. Suddenly, i caught my eyes on these words. The words said 'Hit And Run'. I thought this was some broken copy of the game 'The Simpsons: Hit & Run' so i grabbed the copy and walked back to my house. I didn't know what format this was for so i tried it on the PC and it was for the PC but instead of thinking 'How did i know it was for the PC?', i was sweating, my head was aching and i was worried. I didn't know what was going to happen. The window popped up but it wasn't right. The name of the program was 'icecream' and how did it change the screen size? Anyways after a few seconds a message box appeared in the screen. It was written as 'Your heaven is near, but your grave awaits, you cannot live so you must cry away'. I was shivering at this moment and was thinking of death. Confirming the message, i was in the Kwik-E-Mart at level 7. The music was the level 1 ambience backwards. Whenever i walk, i leave a blood trail and Homer seems to get weaker. I tried talking to Apu but his voice was the sound of a static TV. The sound gave me goosebumps and was paralyzed. While i had the shocking effect, i leaved the area and ended up in level 6 on the beach. I could not move because everytime i do, i get a mission fail except theres no voice, the music was when you fail on level 4 mission 3 and the only option was 'die'. After a few minutes i got bored and was about to close the program until Homer suddenly levitated into the air and was transported into a area in the game that i never even saw in the actual game. It was a flat field with a patch of grass. However when i ran the field was trying to tip me off. When i ran far enough to make it go sideways Homer was falling endlessly to the sound of the music of Level 1 & 4 theme reversed. By the time the music ended the program closed itself. I was so afraid i didn't know what to do so i just went to sleep until the next day. I couldn't stop thinking about it though and hardly rested in peace. The last thoughts about it was the message box but instead it read 'Come back'...

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