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My name is Tom, And i really love me some JonTron! One day when I opened up Youtube, I was surprised to see Jon had uploaded a video! He hadn't uploaded in months! The video was called "jontron.avi" and i thought this was quite strange. The thumbnail was a picture of an evil jon with blood all over his face and no eyes! The video was only 14.34 seconds long, it was just the boss music from sonic CD, with the thumbnail. in the last 1.12 seconds, Jon's voice says: "DO IT TOM" The description of the video was just a jumbled mess of letters and numbers but in the middle, about 42 lines in, there was a link to "" and i clicked it. There was just a megaupload page with a link to the file "deadgrumps.exe" and when I played it it showed the gamegrumps intro, but it was REVERSED! And when the video started, Jon said "Hi Welcome to Dead Grumps! I'm Jon!" But Arin was nowhere to be found. The episode was of sonic.exe but I could play it! And when I played it to the end, the message at the end was replaced with a picture of a bloody Jon and it looked HYPER REALISTIC. He jumped out of the screen after about 32.45 seconds and started floating about! Then he screamed and said "WELCOME TO DEAD GRUMPS MUTHAFUCKA!" And he ate my face.

(Please excuse bad grammar, as i have no face therefor no eyes)

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