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IV: A New Hope

Hi, I'm tom. And I used to be a fan of Jontron, But NOT ANYMORE. Since Jontron literally swallowed my face, I live in his stomach now. Its quite cozy! So I was looking on my laptop and WOW! A new JONTRON! It was called "Tom gets ATE!" and It was a video of when I got eaten! How rude of Jon!

V: The TOM Strikes Back

I was outraged and I punched a hole through Jon. Blood came out, everywhere! All over me! It was gross and i nearly vomited! When I popped out of jon, I turned around and Jon Looked pretty pised!!! So I kicked him in the face. And His face EXPLODED! Blood! Blood everywhere! But the worst part was that a skeleton popped out at me! When I kiled the skellington, Jon was nowhere to be found. He left a note that said "Tom u suck and I am better so go die plz Tom do it"

This was strange.

VI: Return of the Jon

Suddenly Jon popped out and ate me several times. Now Im inside of Jon and Im typing this story for the CreepyPasta Wiki. But It got rejected because Trollpasta had the picture of patrick.I hope Jon doesn't find thiug; qrhm8g pgq87 3849t

Im Jon and You're next, MADDAFACKUH!


This is the final chapter of the JonTron Saga. Jon ate tom and proceeds to eat all the bishes that watch jontron.avi.

Thanks, and have fun!

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