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Jeff opened his mail that day like any other. Spam, Junk, Coupons, nothing special. But then, he spotted something different, a letter from Hell's Kitchen! He had gotten the once in a lifetime chance to be on Hell's kitchen! Jeff remembered that he had sent in an application as a joke a few months before and didn't expect anything of it. He contemplated the idea and decided he could cook food good.

A few weeks passed, Jeff grabbed his largest winter coat and headed to the airport. The producers of Hell's Kitchen were kind enough to give him a free ticket to Las Vegas. He made sure to shield his face with the coat, everyone in his town knew who he was so he made sure to keep covered up. Once he was on the plane, he plopped his headphones on and listened to Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit on loop the whole way there.

After Jeff left the airport, there was a tour bus waiting for him. He didn't look or talk to his opponents, he just went to the back of the bus and sat there the entire ride. When they arrived, everyone ran in, extremely excited to start the competition. Jeff saw all the pictures of the chefs who had won previous seasons, he murmured to himself "lucky bastards." Jeff and the other contestants were instructed to line up in the dining room and wait for Gordon Ramsay to come down and greet them. Jeff could feel his heart pumping in his throat, he knew his disguise wouldn't last much longer.

Eventually, Gordon came down from his office. He let out a hefty "Welcome to hell's kitchen everyone!" He continued, "I want you all to head into the kitchens and make me your signature dish!" Gordon noticed Jeff's comically large winter coat. "You there, what's with the ridiculous coat you got there?" Jeff spurted out his words "Um, it's- it was cold outside. I'm sensitive to slight changes in temperature." Gordon didn't look convinced. "What? It's 30 degrees out right now, take that stupid thing off." Jeff knew he would have to remove his coat at some point but he wasn't sure if he was ready. Gordon was a little bit pissed the fuck off, "remove the coat already!!" Jeff did as he said. The whole room was shocked and horrified including Gordon. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" Jeff was incredibly embarrassed, "I had an accident when I was younger..."

Gordon was talking with a few people behind him, the producers. One of them walked up to Jeff, he explained "I'm sorry, but you can not compete in this competition. You won't bring viewers." Jeff was angry, "what do you mean I won't bring viewers??" The producer was having a hard time looking at him in the eyes. "Dude, you're fucking disfigured! Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror?!" Jeff felt the feeling come back to him, the one he had been hiding for years. Jeff took a knife from his pocket and stabbed the man in the neck. Everyone in the room screamed and ran out, except for Gordon. Jeff spoke, "How could you not let me compete!! I deserve this!" Jeff threw a knife at Gordon's head. He grabbed it right before it hit his head and started sharpening it.

Gordon ran toward Jeff at lightning fast speeds and shoved him to the ground, he screamed "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!" and slammed the knife into his stomach. Jeff the Hell's Kitchen contestant died that day, lying on the dining room floor like an idiot sandwich. He was not missed by anyone.

Written by Niagaranobs
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