Murder Sheep

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The murder sheep. LUK @ IS EYEZ

I used to love Minecraft and VenturianTale but I don't anymore, thanks to the Murder Sheep.

The Beginning

One day I was watching VenturianTale's Minecraft videos and they encouraged me to play some Minecraft. I went to pause the video, but just before I did, Isaac saw "murder sheep" watching him. Little did I know, this had corrupted my game of Minecraft.

The Next Part

I started up Minecraft. When I started it up, instead of the Mojang logo I saw a Minecraft sheep, but it looked different. It had a few really black spots on it, and its eyes looked creepy, just staring at me with their derpy look. Then all of a sudden its eyes turned completely red and bled blood that looked SO HYPER-REALISTIC THAT I ALMOST PUKED!!! Then Minecraft started up and looked normal. I opened up my single-player world, but when I spawned, my world was infested with the same sheep I just saw. They all attacked me at once. I fought them but I died. Then I saw an animation of the sheep eating every pixel off my avatar's face! Again, EXTREMELY HYPER-REALISTIC! Then for whatever reason my idiotic brain forced me to take a nap against my will. I had a nightmare where the sheep ripped open my head and peed in my brain. Then I woke up and I never played Minecraft or watched VenturianTale videos again. Every night I have the same nightmare, each night getting more and more HYPER-REALISTIC!

The moral of the story is do not try to neuter yourself. It will cause significant zucchini cravings. The End.

Click here for the sequel

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