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I had a teapot where I hid all this money and one day I went to make some tea but forgot the money was in there so after I drank the tea I started tripping and deduced that the money must have been laced with LSD as part of a bank conspiracy and jumped out the window because of the dancing crocodile policeman who was staring next to me but my window was actually the tea so I drowned and broke the teacup or at least I thought I did until a real policeman resuscitated me and pulled the shards of ceramic material out of my forehead several hours later but he had a crocodile head, did a twirl-dance, turned around, extended a hand in a way that said "May I have this dance?" but what he actually asked was "WOULD YOU LIKE A DOLLAR?!" because I then realized he had a dollar in that hand and then he grinned.

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