Skyrim Nightmare 2

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I'm back and fought the courage to fight the eyeball and killed it so I'm back and the game wants me to play again so I'm playing right now and OH MY GOSH Herobrine is back.

"You can't escape your fate". He said.

"Go die!" I responded

I then got teleported to Dawnstar and found a book called "The Fate of Dawnstar". I'm reading it and oh my gosh the picture of the huge eyeball be right back I need to barf. Back and it says that only I can stop Dawnstar from dissapearing. I was like YOU SUCK. I went to the blacksmith and found him lying down dead. I'm searching now and I just found a staff called the Staff of Herobrine.

"Weird" I thought.

It says summons a level 100 creature every kill. Oh dang I just realized that I didn't pick a character. I'm checking right now. Dang I'm an Argonian who is level 80 character with 1000 health 6000 stamina and 1000000 magicka. I then searched found of sword of evil. It says kills one person every 10 kills. I found a book right now with no title and inside the book is a huge zombie with no eyes. Oh dang I need to barf. Ah man I just barfed on the screen. Well I had enough today this is really gross and scary I'll update tomorrow

6/3/13: Sorry I didn't update when I said I would, I was busy the day after and then I got blocked so well sorry I can't play now but tomorrow I swear I will and I promise this time

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