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Me and my brothers where watching Spongebob on a Friday night at about 11:00 and the episode had just started when we turned on the TV the theme song sounded weird and in the beginning of the song when the pirate guy shows up his eyes where dripping blood and he was screaming and crying he was screaming for 10 seconds after his eyes fell out and then the screen went black that my brothers got scared the screen was black for about 3 seconds then the TV started sparking and then the episode started with Spongebob in his bed he looked really scared and then it zoomed in to under the bed their where 2 glowing red eyes under the bed with a puddle of blood under the bed after then it zoomed out and we saw that their was a knife in his head then there was tapping on Spongebobs window then the power went out me and my brothers where all scared then we heard some glass breaking then after 40 seconds the power came back and the TV was broken on the ground then me and my brothers went upstairs but the door would not ope

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