Star Wars Ruined My Life and Gave Me a Brain Anuerism (part 2) The movie: The video game

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

And now, the conclusion...

After I stabbed George Lucas in his fat stomach, George Lucas teleported away and summoned an army of clones and Ewoks. I left to to get a robotic arm. I studied Star Wars episodes, and I figured out how to make his downfall begin. I started the army fight and I bashed all of the heads of every single, fucking Ewok ever. Then came the clones. Boba Fett flew over and said "Fuck you bitch" He shot me in the ass and I started running around like a like a little pussy. I collapsed on the floor and I was knocked out for 666 years. In my dream I saw EVIL PATRIXXX..."God I've missed you." I said as we made out and made smexi butt love. "Mmmmmmmm..." I said. After that hotness I told him "PATRIXXX PLEASE I NEED YOU TO GIVE ME AN ANEURYSM." "Why?" said PATRIXXX. "Because." said I. "because what?" Said PATRIXXX "Because potatoes." "OK" He gave me the aneurysm and I woke up. The battle was over and everybody was dead. I found a dead George Lucas on the ground. "WTF?" I said. Then Darth Vader came up and said it's over Steven. "OH SHIT!" I screamed. I took out my lightsaber and we fought an clashed and I cut off Vader's mask. It was George Lucas. WHAT A TWIST! It turned out that the dead George Lucas was actually Darth Vader dressed like George Lucas. George Lucas said. "I heard you had an aneurysm. He bashed my head with a brick and my aneurysm blew up. But then I took out George Lucas' weakness before I died, the prequels the prequels were so terrifying to Lucas that he stabbed himself with the lightsber. "Yes" I said with a dying laugh, and I died with sudden satisfaction.

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