Stranded on an island

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Author's note: There was a part 1 to this story but it has been lost to time...

“Wha...where am I?” said Steve. Steve looked around and saw he was on another island. “Oh not again… what is THAT”, Steve saw a metal opening in the ground with two wooden doors. Steve opened the two doors and went down; it was a bunker! It had canned food, water, a bed, radio, a couple of shelves, a table and light. “Wow!” said Steve “I guess I should check out the island.” Steve left the bunker to check out the island, there was a piece of the boat, and there was a lot of stuff to salvage. Steve took some rope, a medkit, a flashlight, a gas mask? “What is that oh my GOD” Steve saw the body of pinhead larry. “I'M OUTTA HERE” Steve ran straight toward the bunker and jumped in. “ does this mean everyone else is DEAD?” Steve thought. All of a sudden a siren went off.”WHAT THE HELL”. After five minutes a huge rumble shakes the floor, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?” Steve said fearing for his life, “ I need to know what just happened.” Steve goes to the bunker doors and opens them, what he sees is astonishing. All of the seas is green, and the land is gone! “ What’s that smell?” Steve smelled something sickening, so sickening that it made him start to hallucinate, a figure appears.

“Hi ThErE,” said the figure, “sanic?” said Steve “GoTtA gO fAsT,” said sanic. Steve accidentally falls into the bunker, and the gas mask falls on him, Steve starts to breathe and stops hallucinating. “ Wha… what happened?” thought Steve in confusion, “was I hallucinating?”. Steve closes the doors and opens a vent, and something catches steve’s eyes. “Is that a gun?” Steve sees a desert eagle pistol and a double barrel shotgun on a shelf. “What the hell are guns doing in here.” After Steve thought about everything that happened outside and came to a conclusion, a nuke had gone off! “Well, seems like I’m going to be here for a long time.”


Steve put on his gas mask and goes outside to check on the island, but when he goes to a side of the island he hasn't been on before, he finds something insane. “ WTF IT’S DIRTY DAN!” Steve finds dirty dan but he’s not the same, he’s a mutated creature. Steve takes his desert eagle and shoots three rounds at him; dirty dan starts to bleed yellow goo. After 15 minutes of suffering dirty dan faints and dies. After burying dirty dan, steve felt hungry so he goes to the bunker to get some food and water.

Steve looks in a shelf and finds a can opener, steve takes the can opener and opens a can of food but before he eats it he looks at the expiration date to make sure he doesn't get sick and when he looks at it, he’s in shock. It was stocked two days ago! Back when steve and adam were on the island with dirty dan and pinhead larry! “Wait, if this was stocked 1 or 2 days ago then who put them there?” right after he said that the wooden doors to the bunker opened and out came pinhead larry! He was also mutated but was yet again different, he had three heads, tentacles, was green and was huge! Steve shoot a round of his double barrel at the thing that was once pinhead larry, it did nothing. The monsters head then started glowing yellow,

Written by Niagaranobs
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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