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Author's note: I had an image to go along with the story but I'm not sure if it follows the terms & services. It's just a picture of static.

“We really shouldn't go in there” I said. My brother was trying to get me to follow him into a house that was said to be haunted. My brother was 15 and I was 10 so I was quite scared. “Don’t be a wuss” my brother said trying to be cool. “We should get the dog...please?” “ NO, now Get in” my brother said pushing me in through a broken window. When I got in, I felt lots of spider webs. When my brother got in, we saw a tv with static on it:

And there were 3 doors and a hallway. Me and my brother walked to the first door and walked in, it was a kitchen but almost everything was decayed and a window was broken. In the second door there were hundreds of creepy drawings on the walls. “What the heck?!” I said “you can say that again” said my brother. Then we went to the third door and there was a sight that almost made me faint. There was a man sitting next to a table with a bloody knife! “RUN!!!” screamed my brother, we immediately ran straight for the window and I caught a glimpse of the guy chasing us and the tv that had changed to a dead body on the screen. We both ran straight home without looking back and hid in my room and called the police. “ oh crap!” said my brother “what” I said “I forgot to close the door to the house!” then we heard footsteps. “OH NO” I said nervously, the footsteps came closer and closer and closer until there was silence. “ you think he’s gone?” I said, then the door broke open and the intruder came in! We both screamed and all of a sudden our family dog jumped out from under my bed and bit the man! The man screamed in pain and while the dog held him down the police arrived and took the man to jail. His name was Creep E. Dude. [how ironic.] He is now being charged with attempted murder and now with our dog [named defender] is living a happy life in his new deluxe dog house we bought for him for being such a loyal dog.

Written by Niagaranobs
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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