The Blood

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I remember when I was younger, up to my mid-20s, I was pleased by nearly anything. Even something like a turd in gift wrap made me feel loved. There is a reason why I do not feel this way anymore, it was the day... The Blood.

In the beginning, I took out my Nintendo Entertainment System, hoping to have fun playing Mario and Zelda. There was something odd about it though. The NES had scratches and blood on the top. I didn't really care, because I thought it was a joke. I plugged it in, popped in some Mario, and I was ready to have fun! 

When I turned it on, the game didn't work, so I blew into the cartridge, hoping it would have some effect. I put it back in, and this is where bad things started happening. The game didn't have a title, and it put me directly in a black room. Mario looked odd, as if he had just been deeply hurt. I tried walking, but it didn't work, I could jump fine though. Suddenly, a river of blood came onto the screen and Mario started drowning in the blood that came onto the screen. I screamed, as I saw Mario's corpse float up. The screen stayed red with blood, so I turned off the system, about to tell my parents about this.

As soon as I turned off the system, the blood came into the room and blooded me until I bled out blood from my bloody blood. I blooded so hard, but no bloods came to blood my blood. I blooded there until my blood blooded the blood blood as blood blooded her blood and blood blood blood the end

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