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Well you know this very wiki that you are reading this very arcticle of? Guess what? IT HAS A LOST ARCTICLE!!! Yes I know, I'm not being very conivincing but that doesn't mean I'm RIGHT. Yes yes, Go ahead Mr Wiki Editor. Delete my arcticle and call it Trollpasta. THIS IS 100% FACT SO DEAL WITH IT! So where was I? Oh yes, So anyway I was browsing Creepypasta wiki thinking the same thoughts you are thinking right now: THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAKE. Which they were until... On the list of things that are related I found A link to an Arcticle that I am not going to mention here (Don't worry! I'll mention it later!) because I don't want you to have the same experience. So anyway, I clicked the link and looked it the story I browsed through it... "This soooo fake you cant be expecting me to believe that garbage!" The arcticle was worse than any of the most terrible bits of "TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOD", "GOODBYE SPONGEBOB" and "Who Was Conversing with Me on the Cellular Phone?" together. I had had enough. I scrolled down to the end of the page and saw some shitty shock ending that terrified absolutely NOTHING out of me. Like once of the shock endings you see in those Horrible Troll Pastas. So do you really want to read this lost arcticle I am talking about? Well if yes then I can't stop you...Scroll the fuck down.


Credited to Creepybacon 

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