The alchimist vs the steamer

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april 16th 1667

Frank a alchimist with long red and blond hair and transmutation circles tatod on his hands woke up from his dream with a scream becouse when he dreams he sees people being murderd but from the murders eyes. This dream was unlike the others frank had becouse this dream didnot have aneyone beaten to death or even stabed. No they spontanisuley combusted and how that hapend was a compleate mystery to frank. Then one day he heard a scream and ran to the scream and he saw a tall medioum build man with an eye tatod on his forhead and black hair and the man takes out a soward and frank draws his. He asks the man how he was able to make people explode and the man explains how people are made up mostley of water and he uses alchamey to raise the temprature of the water in the human body untill it emplodes. They clash and the man saw that frank had a faster speed then him so he trys his alchime on frank but befor the man could conect frank cut the mans arm off and he flees as police aproced becouse of the noise of the soward fight

april 21 1667

After 5 days of searching for this man frank finaley found him but his arm was healed like his arm was never cut off.  The man sees frank and holding a grudge the man took out 2 knifes and throws one at frank but frank uses his sowrd to stop them and frank asks the man how he was able to regow his arm and the man said that he has a friend with power that farsapases aneyone he has ever meat. The man throws water  around him and heats it up making steam and runs from frank. Then a man tackels frank puting a knife to his neck saying you dont rezist i wont kill you but i dont want to kill you becouse there is a huge bounty on your head and i want to get the money so i can pay my rent. Frank asks the man how much money can get me off the hook and the man says 10 pounds and 5 pounds silver and i can turn a blinde eye to you. So frank pays the man the money and the man gets off of frank and walks off. Frank cuerses becouse he seen the murder and he didnot get aney usefull infomation excypt that the man has a friend with a higher power then normal alchimists

Credited to Darkrider2191 

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