What Time Is It Mr.Fox

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This is a really weird story but tis all true! So i used to have a pet fox,notice how i said used well as i was saying his name was George he was about 5 or 6 when the incident. It all started about a month ago when i first got him he was a newborn i knew i wanted him the day i layed eyes on him. The lady who i got George from asked "are you sure you want him theres many more to chose from i dont think you want him." I asked "why?" she said "Hes just different" but i got him anyway.So i brought him home home,"this is your hom now GEORGE." A couple of nights went by and he was a great pet but then IT happend.He was getting very ill so I took him to the vet the vet woman said "he dosent much time to live" "how long" I said. we brought him home and he started ackting very aggresive VERY aggresive. He groweled alot And worst of all he BIT alot.I was petting him when he just started growling and jumped on me and tryed to bite me.I pused him off and threw him outside.You could here him just scratching at the door.We left him outside the rest of the day but that night i will never forget... Momma said I had to put him down i hesitated at first but she handed me the gun and forced me to do it i didnt want to do it but i had to.By then it was 9:00pm and i was walking out then door i called out "George here boy come on George" he came. i pulled the gun out and i pointed it at George a tear sheaded from my eye as i slowly pulled the trigger i stared at George straight in the eyes and said my goodbyes he stared right back at me and hi... his started glowing not because its dark out but i mean glowing.They glowed brighter and brighter i felt like i was being possesd i droped the gun and tried to run but i just could it stared and stared at me when all the sudden BLAM!!!. George droped to the ground as i watched him bleed.i turned around to see momma with the gun in her hands.I will never forget that night as if it was the last day of my life.

Credited to JEFFERY

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