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This is my first pasta, so be kind please and thank you!!!

Monday, July 1st

ITS AFTER ME!!!!!!!! The last thing i said before i crashed my car and was able to get in the woods saftley, without any injuries. You're probably wondering whats going on right now. Well let me tell you my story. I was only a 2 month college grad from a little university in Indiana. I had studied in medical type things. Ever since i was 12 years of age i wanted to work in the medical force, but we are getting off topic. I live in the outskirts of a little town called Rossville. I only live about 2 minuets from the town, so its not bad. When my parents moved out so i could have the place, a few weeks ago, people around that area said that they heard things and saw a creature who looked like a dog, but was human. Since i didn't believe any of this, i moved in.

HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the first day in the house wasn't so bad. Just creepy. Like, their where old paintings and things i just couldnt explain. A few weeks later i saw the so called creature. It had long arms and legs, but very short. That face. That disgusting face. It saw me,and i ran as fast as i could to my car. Turned on my car, and left. About 30 mins. of driving in the country instead of highway (again, huge mistake) and saw it again. This time though, it charged at the car flipping it over. Now, here i am in the woods trying to look for a road, house, or something. I don't know if there are multiple of them or not. Or just one creature. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! The thing is... is staring at me. His eyes, i want to look away from them but i... dont. I think it likes me...... come here little fell-

The Indianapolis Times
24 year old Max Bert died last evning. An unkown creature has been spotted around the time of his death, which is unkown. All that was left was a journal, 2 medical books, and a pencil. Authorities found a message written in the last page of the journal said " See you tonight'............... :)

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