Why Mickey Mouse Is Corrupting Our Youth and Destroying Our Childhoods

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Note: This is a satire of poorly-researched theory pastas, in the vein of MAH POKEYMAN THEERY. Don' take it seriously.

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For generations, Disney has promoted Mickey Mouse as their lovable mascot, and tens of thousands have been fooled into accepting him as their cheerful overlord. However, the truth about Mickey Mouse is hard to stomach: he is actually the product of a genocidal maniac intent on subjecting our children to Satan ritual abuse and worse. The question is...why?

The answer is not a simple one; you see there are multiple reasons for this but the easiest to understand are as follows:

Neo-Nazism (Disney's Hidden Empire)

Oh, crap! Nazi Mickey!

It is a well-established fact that the late Walt Disney was a fascist who believed that Nazism would be the next step of human evolution. However, when the Nazi state fell, Disney was left with a troubling new world: one in which old Walt's dream was unable to be fulfilled.

However, Disney found a way to smuggle a few of Nazi Germany's last remaining super-weapons and soldiers in underground bunkers, hidden deep below the current Disneyland. These secret bunkers are now Disney's stronghold for their Hidden Empire.

The Hidden Empire is responsible for promoting the Nazi cause in a world that largely believes the Nazis to be a historical enemy; they utilize the public's general ignorance of the truth to slip in new and draconian laws by which to subtly increase their influence over the world.

Many of Disney's animated features also show Nazi ideals such as the strong male lead, hapless damsels, and so forth. In modern times, the Hidden Empire has tried to diversify the Disney trade by having black protagonists and strong female leads in order to throw people off the scent of their true purpose.

New World Order (Disney's "Utopia" Revealed)

Closely linked to the Hidden Empire is Disney's participation in the New World Order, Disney is one of the leading figures of this underground movement and seeks to use it to create their "utopia": Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or Epcot.

Disney's "utopia" is a horrific world akin to a concentration camp, and indeed, they have began to desensitize the world to this new regime via their theme parks - making people pay money and strapping them into ride via "safety harnesses" and so forth are all clear signs of preparing the population for a future of slavery and imprisonment.

The mascots that frequently parade around Disneyland (along with their animated counterparts) serve as a means to soften the public to the idea of cloning and animal-experimentation: after all, wouldn't we all want a real-life Goofy or Donald running around?

Let's not forget the frequent larger-than-life parades in the theme parks, which would put the mass rallies of the Soviets or Nazis to shame.

Satanism & The Occult (Disney's true mascot)

Disney = Satan.

Disney has a long history of witchcraft and Satanism, due to Walt Disney striking a deal with Satanic forces to ensure the success of his original creations. This is how Walt grew to such great heights, and even in death, Walt's satanic legacy continues.

The inner-circle of Disney know fine well that Satanism and witchcraft are the lifeblood of their company, and have included Paganic imagery in every one of their productions: the Fairy Godmother, the Wicked Witch, the Horned King, Maleficent...the list is endless.

It is designed to tempt our youth into practicing black magic and vile sorcery while giving off the false impression to parents that it is all harmless "fantasy."

The rise in pop-stars such as the Jonas Brothers are also a sign of Disney's Satanic links: as we all know popular music exists to brainwash our children and the Jonas Brothers along with countless others are a subtle way for Disney to transform our children in selfish, materialistic sex-slaves. But a particularly evidence coming from Disney Channel is the surprisingly bleak Wizard of Waverly Place series who victimise witches and portray us, good and proud Christians, as a threat for them.

Genocide & War (Disney's Plan For Our Children)

Disney's participation in global genocide and warfare is somewhat less known, but it is a fact that during both World Wars, Disney was selling their beloved characters for use as mascots of death and destruction: who can forget the image of Thumper on the A-Bomb or Donald Duck saluting Hitler?

Disney may of been playing the "good guys," but the truth of the matter was that they were planning on prolonging the bloodshed, a task they may well of achieved. In the modern world, Disney acts more subtly and trains our children in the use of violence and intolerance via mass-propaganda and hate-speeches loving sung to "Winnie the Pooh."

In the end, allowing our children to watch Disney will only result in one outcome: mass genocide.

Act now and stop this madness...before it's too late...

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