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Custom information
Custom 1How I rate pastas:
Custom 2<Try Again>

This symbol means the story is horribly written/bad fanfiction or generic/unfunny if a trollpasta. If I put the (You did pretty well) symbol, I will include a positive comment.

Custom 3{OK}

It's just eh. Nothing more. Bad, but decent writing/concept. If it's good, but has multiple flaws bringing it down, I will give positive comments, but end with "But still just {OK}.

Custom 4*Superb*

It's well written, or original/funny. These go to good pastas, ones with effort (and spellcheck) put into them. It doesn't have to have good grammar, but if it's unreadable, you're not getting this.

Other information
Moviesanything except disney
TVwhatever's on, loves early 90's to early 00's nick despite being born in 2009
Musicwhatever isn't playing on the radio
Booksanything written by kate dicamillo
Video gamesmayro, snoc, kirb, and ryhm hevn
Snacksloves chicken strips, (ayo duh)pizza(here), and popcorn
Drinksand mah root behr
Personal information
Real nameNolan Strate
LocationLincoln, Nebraska
HometownLincoln, Nebraska
BirthdayJune 24th
OccupationProfessional Idiot

Gran Autismo

Places I have livedI've never left.
SchoolsGood Elementary School, The Worst Middle School, Boring High School
About meI'm just a guy who loves gaming and animation. I'm Gaming and Animation Adventure 2!